Title Boxing Club supplies its members effective body boxing and also kickboxing workout routines. These are details exercise programs that room designed to help their body melt far as much as 1,000 calories because that an hour.

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They space performed and also experienced in particular classes that are produced for both beginners and experts.

Below space the latest Title Boxing Club prices.




Initiation fees (Per Person) (No Contract)$99.00
Monthly fees (Per Person) (Monthly)$89.00

Monthly (12 Month Agreement)

Initiation fee (Per Person) (With Contract)$99.00
Monthly fees (Per Person) (12 Month Agreement)$69.00


Initiation fee (Per Person)$99.00
Yearly dues (Per Person) (Annually)$759.00

Per Class

1 Class$20.00

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In 2008, revered boxing skilled Danny Campbell founded Title Boxing Club, a wellness club that immediately caught the attention of health buffs and boxing enthusiasts. The boasts of total body workouts that encompass kickboxing and group boxing classes, help members come burn a substantial 1,000 calories in simply an hour that session.

Today, location Boxing club is a farming family of more than 100 branches almost everywhere the country. It uses a flexible and also convenient member that enables members to work-related out in any type of existing us location.

Starting as an experimental workout facility with kickboxing readily available as its key exercise, the has become a favorite amongst fitness and martial arts enthusiasts. Today, title Boxing club boasts that a variety of gyms in different locations scattered around the country, each one of which providing group exercise program classes too as personal training sessions for those that desire to attain fast results.

Needless to say, title Boxing society is no an ordinary club like many others. It’s much more exciting, through its members completely involved in their search for exceptional fitness. Hence, if you looking for something various other than the traditional exercises indigenous the usual health club or gym, title Boxing club is what you are looking for. With reliable kickboxing workouts, experienced trainers, and also low location Boxing club fees, you will ultimately have the body and also health the you’ve always wanted.

Membership Fees

Title Boxing society fees vary; it relies on the ar of the club and the membership setup that you choose. Generally, a no-contract member at a title Boxing Club location costs about $89 a month, and also a $99 in enrolment fee. If you select the plan that enables a member to to visit workout conference at any type of location in ~ the country, the will price you $69 per month, add to $99 fee for twelve months.

Membership Benefits

There room a variety of benefits the you have the right to enjoy from gift a location Boxing club member. Because that one, you have actually the privilege that belonging come a boxing health club the boasts that a premier fitness center with advanced cardio and fitness equipment and also facilities. Most importantly, when paying only affordable title Boxing society prices, you deserve to avail the high-value strength Hour fitness cultivate classes that ensures the can be fried in full-body workout. It is in assured the it is not your easy-to-perform, trivial gym workout.

What is a power hour fitness class? The gym supplies two distinct fitness classes, which space kickboxing and also boxing. An hour of doing this course will productivity a highly-desired result, particularly the burn of a preferably of 1,000 calories. You may opt because that classes that mix boxing or kickboxing routines v toning, strength, and cardio training, which will certainly produce significant full-body results.

And if you room worried around getting hurt, gift aware about all the kickboxing that’s happening in ~ the wellness club, you can be assured that the just thing it is going to be hit is a actual punching bag. Visit the gym, and they will train friend on the proper way of pack the hands and also punching the bags, in order to maximize your hour of practice exercise

Personal wellness Club

No other club, or martial arts gym for the matter, has actually the type of camaraderie that’s uncovered in location Boxing Club. Everything is an individual here. As you join a kickboxing or boxing power Hour, in effect, you end up being a member the the location community. And as you exercise alongside them, you get to recognize your trainers and co-members even more. Together they strive to meet their fitness goals, you will also encourage you to work tough in afford yours, and also vice versa.

Classes scheduled about your life

You must be constantly busy to connect in a full-body practice routine. In that case, location Boxing Club provides flexible schedules of strength Hour wellness fitness great in order come fit into your hectic schedule. Friend are offered a desired schedule that personalized maintain sessions with among the clubs’ professional trainers. Such adaptability maximizes the benefits that you enjoy regardless of the short Title Boxing society costs.

Customized Training in ~ its best

The trainers at location Boxing club are specialized to working closely with members of all levels of physical fitness conditions. They will work difficult to ensure the you see outcomes from her workout in ~ the more quickly time possible. A professional trainer will work with you and also assess her physical problem so you have the right to experience for you yourself the advanced group workout routines that make title Boxing club levels front of other fitness gyms and also club.

For an ext information about Title Boxing Club, visit their official website.

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Title Boxing club fees vary; it counts on the ar of the club and also the membership arrangement that girlfriend choose. Generally, a no-contract membership at a location Boxing Club place costs roughly $89 a month, and also a $99 in enrolment fee.