Hey, remember me? I"ve been busy working favor crazy I understand you like tangerine and also your kiss is sweet and creamy
Oh, can you imagine A girlfriend sticks for us to bang in Oh, I"m excellent looking currently things have the right to start happening Hey, mental me? I"ve obtained so much, just come and get me ns play something catchy You lean forward and also kiss me an initial I take it you then you take me





Liebe heat Ray, werde bitte wieder normal. Ich mag deine stimme sehr, aber dein neuer stil macht mir angst.dein fan

I preferred her much better in the knife, even thou This song actully sounds favor the knife an ext then her other songs

There a few songs favor this and a couple of more from she album that space amazing but I favor her debut album.

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...у девушки явно сносит крышу!... .... а какая красотка была в 2008м просто шик) , заигрывание с нечистью приводит к плохому финалу....(

This is disgusting. I discovered you when I remained in college 10 years back and her songs to be spiritual. Now this is sick. I am sad for anyone fallowing you. It"s a complete violation of innocence. Unsubscribed forever.

Idgaf what world think, this is music. I just really prefer metal but fuck this is amazing, just great expression. That is art

This is no art, that is ritual desecration. I deserve to never unsee this abomination, and I can never seriously hear to the good remnants of heat Ray or the Knife again.

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I yes, really really really like this song. The entirety album. Over there is something therefore intoxicating and also intense around this album..... I"m obsessed.

Just assumed I"d inspect out more songs by fever Ray and also somehow wondered right into the weird side of Youtube

all friend talking just how the knife this song is as if it to be an insult frankly i miss early on the knife, i"m no a pan of quiet shout, dont favor shaking the habitual and felt at sight repulsed by fever ray"s very first album as a whole (some songs space cool, but not the whole album imo). And also of course i had a mental failure when the knife which was my favorite band for so plenty of years quit. There is no other band choose the knife. I know some people try to to compare them through artists like crystal castles or salem or oOoOO or also grimes, however i listen to each and also hell i can identify this something an extremely unique around the knife that makes it its own genre and category. I love the i can hear something a small the knifey after year : - )so i"m leaving my hopeful comment in this ar in hope some knife nostalgic kid will stumble upon it and feel happy