This song is created from the see of James the Just, brother of Jesus Christ. James purportedly protest Paul the Apostle on several concerns of faith.James, as a brother… review More 

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Paul is do me nervousPaul is make me scaredWalk right into this room and also swaggersLike he's God's own messengerChange the surname of mine brotherChange the points that the saidSays that he speaks to himBut the never also knew the manBut I'd provide my life because that himLike water through my handsYou offer him any kind of endingBut if he's all you sayWould he fly from heavenTo this civilization againTo this people againTake everything you're needingTake everything you canWe are damaged from withinRun to another land (another land)Like water through my handsOr is it just beginningBut if he's all you sayWould he paris from heavenTo this human being againTo this human being again
They took my brotherThe ripped that from meTo twist his wordsAs they did his bodyDeny his familyDeny his beautyTo place him down at the feetOf those he couldn't saveCouldn't saveCouldn't saveWill it be the endOr is the still ascendingBut if he's every you sayWould he fly from heavenTo this world againTo this world again
This song is created from the see of James the Just, brother of Jesus Christ. James purportedly protest Paul the Apostle top top several problems of faith.

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James, as a brothers (the degree of their relation has been extensively debated) and also follower the Jesus, would have actually known him well. Paul had never met Jesus in person, and had actually devoted himself come the persecution of Jesus" followers. The tune goes v a feasible thought process of James.

The video takes this relationship in a slightly different (or maybe not) direction than history, having actually ‘Paul’ usage Jesus, the Brother, as a kind of sideshow plot to make money. He twists Jesus" abilities to fit his needs, and eventually abandons him.

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