NFL commissioner roger Goodell allegedly offered new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a way out of his four-game suspension during Deflategate, according to “12: The within Story that Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption,” a brand-new book native Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge.

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The deal: Brady would certainly not serve any kind of sort that suspension and also instead salary a $1 million fine. That part of the deal was one obviously acceptable problem for Brady, but it turned come a difficult no because that the Patriot quarterback when Goodell claimed that Brady would likewise have to publicly reference the team’s equipment staff for the deflated footballs.

“He demanded the Brady state publicly that former Patriots tools guys Jastremski and McNally had purposely tampered through footballs, also without his knowledge,” Sherman and Wedge create in your book. “Tom claimed no.”

That’s since Brady simply didn’t believe that Jastremski and also McNally walk anything wrong. Knowingly or not. Brady also refused come let mcnally be his autumn guy, also when mcnally offered, follow to NBC sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran.

McNally told Brady he can use him together his fall guy if the NFL was going to traction him through hell. Brady wouldn't. And also when Brady obtained his "stay" in '15, he welled up as soon as asked around the exile that JM and JJ on Sunday b4 opener

— Tom E. Curran (

“There’s no way I’m gonna ruin these guys for other I think they no do,” Brady called NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith, per Sherman and Wedge’s book. The book additionally claims that Brady was “devastated and also angry” once Robert Kraft organized a press conference and accepted the NFL’s penalties, consisting of Brady’s four-game suspension, without pursuing one appeal.

“What the ” Brady shouted at Smith over the phone. “Why am ns not getting the assistance I deserve on this thing?”

Brady won his case the very first time against the NFL around and played through the entire 2015 season, yet ultimately served his four-game suspension after a heated court battle in 2016, and won Super key LI that exact same season.

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