You might not be see Tom Brady in a new England Patriots jersey this season, but you might still grab dinner with him ~ his very first home game.

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On Wednesday, the recently signed Tampa only Buccaneers quarterback joined the All-In difficulty to help try and progressive $100 million because that charities between the coronavirus outbreak. To assist raise funds, he’s auctioning off a unique personalized endure after his very first home game with the Buccaneers.

The auction, i m sorry is currently live and also runs for two weeks, supplies the following rewards (travel no included):

Attendance (with 3 friends) for the Buccaneers home openerBrady’s game-worn jersey and also cleats after home openerThe an option between a private dinner or workout v Brady after ~ the game in the Tampa area

All money increased through Brady’s auction will go in the direction of Feeding America, Meals top top Wheels, World main Kitchen and No child Hungry as part of relief initiatives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The starting bid is collection at $50,000.

Brady set up his charity auction as component of the All-In Challenge, a project spreading through social media channels to aid raise accumulation to administer “food because that those in need -- kids, elderly and frontline heroes.”

After announcing his action, Brady challenged rapper Drake, NFL commissioner roger Goodell and also his wife, Gisele Bundchen to join the effort.

I expropriate the #ALLINCHALLENGE. Watch the video & walk to to obtain involved. I challenge my wife

“After 20 historic years through the powerhouse recognized as the new England Patriots, Tom Brady is pack his bags and leaving the it will be cold shores of new England for the warm, picturesque beaches the Tampa Bay. As a fan, did you do it watched him conquer the NFL through his 6 Super bowl titles, four Super key MVP awards and also many an ext impressive accolades. Now you deserve to watch him take it his talent down south. You’ll gain to sign up with Tom in this historic and also unprecedented experience by attending (with a friend) his very first game v the Tampa bay Buccaneers, adhered to by dinner or a exclusive workout with Tom self after the game. However that’s not all! ~ every awe-inspiring moment with this modern legend, you’ll acquire to take house his very first game-used uniform and also cleats come display and also cherish with your various other Brady memorabilia. A moment like this no happen often in sports, and also now you have the right to be a piece of it and also all that glory. 100% that the money raised through this Game/Auction will certainly go straight to Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, World main Kitchen and also No son Hungry.”

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