Super key viewers watched together Tom Brady kissed wife Gisele Bündchen after his huge win top top Sunday, yet according to part fans, the affectionate celebrations didn’t prevent there.

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In video and photographs native after the big game, the new England Patriots quarterback, 41, shows up to kiss team owner Robert Kraft top top the lips.

In one video clip posted by a pan on Twitter, the 2 men have the right to be watched warmly embracing each various other on the field. ~ Brady affectionately rubs the 77-year-old owner’s head, the pair appears to re-superstructure a quick kiss top top the lips, before giving each various other a hug.

“Robert Kraft and also Tom Brady literally simply kissed. Ns confused,” Twitter user
britmow captioned the video.

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Tom Brady v daughter Vivian and son Benjamin

With some aid from dad, Vivian excitedly held up the Vince Lombardi Trophy, i beg your pardon the Patriots deserve by beating the Rams 13-3.

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The bevy of cute children on the podium also included Brady’s sons, Benjamin Rein, 9, and also Jack, 11, (his boy with ex Bridget Moynahan), and also Patriots coach invoice Belichick’s 2-year-old granddaughter, Blakely.

Brady’s wife likewise celebrated his accomplishment, writing online, “What a unique night. Congratulations Patriots! Congratulations mine love! her tireless commitment, discipline and hard work never ever to amaze me. Us love you!”

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