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down to the earth I fellWith dripping wings,Heavy things won"t flyAnd the skies might capture on fireAnd burn the axis that the worldThat"s whyI like a sunless skyTo the glittering and also stinging in my eyeFeel so lightThis is all i wanna feeling tonightFeel for this reason lightTonight and also the rest of my lifeGleaming in the darkseaI"m together light as airFloating there breathlesslyWhen the dream dissolves I open up up mine eyesI establish thatEverything is shoreless seaWeightlessness is passing end meFeel therefore lightThis is all ns wanna feel tonightFeel for this reason lightTonight and also the remainder of my lifeEverthing is waves and starsThe universe is relaxing in mine armsI feeling so aliveThis is all ns wanna feel tonightI feeling so lightTonight and the rest of my life
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