A crazy couple days because that Tony Romo (1:12)With the end to his Cowboys tenure imminent, whirlwind speculation has actually left everyone wondering where the injury-plagued quarterback will play next. (1:12)


FRISCO, Texas -- It to be fitting that as Tony Romo offered up a thank-you to Dallas Cowboys pan Thursday for their support, Bob Dylan’s “The times They are A-Changin’” played in the background.

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The society media write-up came not long before the NFL’s league year began and also when it was believed Romo would certainly be exit by the Cowboys after a 14-year run through the team.

Alas, Romo stays a Cowboy together of Friday morning, through Chris Mortensen report Dallas expects to profession its franchise leader in touchdown passes and passing yards to either the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos.

The decision come not component ways deserve to be perceived as the team asserting itself against what is certain Romo’s wish to be released and also delaying a decision to watch if one more team i do not care desperate to provide up something for him.

When Brock Osweiler to be traded from the Texans to the Cleveland Browns, opened up salary-cap room and a require for a top-flight quarterback, the Romo-to-Houston chatter got steam. Over there was additionally a report the Broncos would talk about trading Trevor Siemian to the new York Jets.

The following chapter for Tony Romo has actually seemingly to be rewritten several times in recent months; could Friday lug some resolution for the quarterback?AP Photo/Tony GutierrezBut the final domino never fell.

Reports the end of Houston and Denver have said for weeks the Texans and Broncos would have interest in Romo but only if he were released.

Why provide up a draft pick if you don’t have to?

That’s the discussion the Cowboys are dealing with now, unless other teams get involved in a potential transaction for Romo.

Yet speak on the Cowboys’ high-end bus critical week in Indianapolis in ~ the scouting combine, owner and general manager Jerry Jones stated Romo had actually as much manage over the decision as the Cowboys. If Romo is handle to a team for which the does not want to play, he does not have to play. He properly has veto power.

The Texans and Broncos would certainly seemingly appeal to Romo due to the fact that of their capacity to compete for a at sight Bowl. At this suggest of his career, that’s what matters most to the 36-year-old.

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He to know his work in Dallas are coming come an end. The knew it when he do his heartfelt speech in November when he to be healthy, but conceded the project he organized for a te was currently Dak Prescott"s. That was an alleged to finish Thursday yet didn’t. It can not finish Friday, either. Or probably it can with a trade that seemed unlikely at finest not too lengthy ago.

"We have actually a lot come think about going forward,” Romo stated in his social media video, “but we"ll view what happens.”

The time they room a-changin’ because that Romo and also the Cowboys, however a different title the a Dylan song seems an ext appropriate now: “Blowin’ In The Wind.”