The SEC might be the nation’s finest conference for to run backs in 2015. Georgia’s Nick Chubb have to be a first-team All-American, while LSU’s Leonard Fournette and also Alabama’s Derrick Henry must be in the mix for second or third-team honors.

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And the depth in the conference extends past the top three names with the nation’s peak running back duo in Arkansas’ Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins, if Missouri’s Russell Hansbrough is one underrated player after topping 1,000 yards in 2014.

To assist compile the rankings, there was part projection involved for 2015. This was no a ranking of to run backs only based on accomplishments so much or pro potential. All components - pure talent, sustaining cast, 2015 projection and also scheme alters (just to surname a few) - to be considered and also projected to rank the running backs in the SEC for 2015.

Ranking the SEC’s running Backs because that 2015

1. Nick Chubb, Georgia

2015 Year that Eligibility: Sophomore

Georgia’s rushing attack never missed a beat despite losing Todd Gurley come a suspension and torn ACL in 2014. Chubb emerged as one of the nation’s optimal running backs over the second half of last season, finishing the 2014 project with 1,547 yards and also 14 scores. The five-star recruit in the 2014 signing class averaged 165.4 rushing yards over the final eight games.


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2. Leonard Fournette, LSU

2015 Year that Eligibility: Sophomore

Fournette ranked as the No. 1 player in the 2014 247Sports Composite and also showcased his talent through finishing the year through 1,034 yards and also 10 scores. Both of those totals led all LSU rushers, while his 5.5 yards per bring average ranked fifth amongst SEC backs through at least 180 carries. Fournette recorded only 187 carries critical year, therefore there’s an possibility to increase his workload through at the very least 50 do the efforts in 2015.


3. Derrick Henry, Alabama

2015 Year of Eligibility: Junior

With T.J. Yeldon off to the NFL, Henry is ready for his chance to it is in the No. 1 back in Tuscaloosa. The Florida indigenous led Alabama with 990 rushing yards ~ above 172 attempts last season and tied with Yeldon v 11 rushing scores. Suppose Henry come eclipse 200 carries and also reach 1,000 yards in his junior campaign. In ~ 6-foot-3 and 242 pounds, Henry is among the many physically gifted runners in the nation.


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4. Jonathan Williams, Arkansas

2015 Year that Eligibility: Senior

Williams and teammate Alex Collins are basically 4a and also 4b here. Williams led the Razorbacks with 1,190 yards last season and also edged Collins in yards per lug (5.6 come 5.4). The an elderly also rushed for more yards in SEC gamings than Collins (575 to 520) and finished the 2014 season by record 105 yards on 23 attempts against Texas in the Texas Bowl.Related: Arkansas Razorbacks 2015 Schedule Analysis

5. Alex Collins, Arkansas

2015 Year that Eligibility: Junior

As we mentioned above, it’s basically a coin flip in between Williams and also Collins for the No. 4 spot. Collins led Arkansas v 1,026 yards in 2013 however finished 90 yards behind Williams (1,190 to 1,100) in 2014. The Florida native recorded just one 100-yard initiative in SEC games last season and scored in eight the end of Arkansas’ 13 contests in 2014.

6. Russell Hansbrough, Missouri

2015 Year that Eligibility: Senior

Hansbrough was among only seven running backs in the SEC to reach 1,000 yards last year and might it is in the conference’s many underrated rusher. In 14 games, Hansbrough rushed for 1,084 yards and also 10 scores last season and recorded four 100-yard efforts. He additionally finished the year on a high note, rushing because that 114 yards ~ above 15 attempts versus Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl.

7. Jalen Hurd, Tennessee

2015 Year of Eligibility: Sophomore

Hurd ranked as the No. 40 recruitment in the 2014 247Sports Composite and also led the Tennessee rushing strike with 899 yards in his true student in the first year season. The Tennessee indigenous was additionally a an important pass catcher out of the backfield by grabbing 35 receptions because that 221 yards and two scores. Hurd is intended to continue to be the No. 1 ago for the Volunteers, yet after the offense generated only 11 rushing theatre of 20 yards or more last season, expect to check out junior university recruit (and previous Alabama running back) Alvin Kamara heavily involved in 2015.

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8. Eight Williams, Kentucky

2015 Year of Eligibility: Sophomore

Looking because that the SEC’s next breakout star at to run back? take a look in ~ Kentucky’s eight Williams. The Georgia indigenous is due for a bigger function in the backfield after top the Wildcats with 486 rushing yards and five scores on just 74 tote in 2014. Williams had actually only two gamings of more than 10 carries, consisting of the season finale against Louisville (18 carries for 126 yards). He likewise averaged 10.5 yards per play critical year and also emerged together an all-purpose danger with game-changing capacity on kickoffs and also as a receiver.