How the rookies fare in 2016 contrasted to just how they will certainly do in the future differs for dynasty owners. Jamey Eisenberg ranking the peak 40 rookies for empire leagues complying with the NFL Draft.

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Draft Prep: Rookie-only mock draft

How will empire owners look back on the NFL Draft class of 2016? will they it is in happy with this collection of talent? are there sufficient stars to do future Fantasy groups great?

We all know about Ezekiel Elliott, and also he" conveniently the No. 1 pick in a rookie-only draft. However what about the football player after him? Who must be the No. 2 as whole selection?

The candidates are Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman and also Laquon Treadwell, and also there" not lot debate around that going right into the draft. The stimulate is up because that discussion due to the fact that all 3 offer comparable upside regardless of differing instances with their respective teams. For 2016 re-draft leagues, I would rather have Coleman on mine roster. However the goal is to look long term, and also I like Doctson the best of that trio just based on talent.

I expect empire owners to like, no love, this class. After Elliott, Doctson, Coleman and also Treadwell there is quiet plenty of talent with receivers prefer Sterling Shepard and Michael Thomas, and also running backs choose Kenneth Dixon, Derrick Henry, C.J. Prosise and also Paul Perkins could be significant Fantasy contributors in 2016, as well as down the road.

The quarterbacks have the opportunity to be successful with 3 potential franchise passers in Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and also Paxton Lynch -- I choose Lynch the finest -- and also we" view if a tight finish emerges indigenous Hunter Henry, Tyler Higbee and Austin Hooper. Henry has the most upside, starting in 2017.

But what might ultimately make this class an excellent is the second- and also third-tier choices like Jordan Howard, Devontae Booker, DeAndre Washington, Leonte Caroo, Malcolm Mitchell, Tajae Sharpe and more. If any of those men hit, and Elliott, Doctson, Coleman and also Treadwell come to be stars, then this course could be awesome.

Here room my latest rookie rankings for empire leagues.

Updated ~ above June 22

1. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL

2015 university stats: 289 carries for 1,821 yards and 23 touchdowns; 27 catches for 206 yards

He" an over average talent in a special situation playing behind the Cowboys attack line. It" tough to discover a flaw through Elliott in Dallas.

2. Mockery Doctson, WR, WAS

2015 university stats: 79 captures for 1,327 yards and also 14 touchdowns

DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon might be unable to do in 2017, which would certainly make Doctson the No. 1 receiver in Washington. And also he have to make plenty of plays in 2016.

3. Corey Coleman, WR, CLE

2015 college stats: 74 catches for 1,363 yards and also 20 touchdowns

He should be great as a rookie and also an ultimate star when the Browns number out your quarterback situation. In re-draft leagues, Coleman is my No. 1 rookie receiver this year.

4. Laquon Treadwell, WR, MIN

2015 university stats: 82 records for 1,153 yards and 11 touchdowns

that should record a most passes, even as a rookie, yet making a most plays under the field will it is in tough because of Teddy Bridgewater.

5. Sterling Shepard, WR, NYG

2015 university stats: 86 records for 1,288 yards and 11 touchdowns

Shepard benefits playing opposite Odell Beckham, and he should play Randall Cobb" duty for Ben McAdoo, who was a previous Green bay assistant.

6. Michael Thomas, WR, NO

2015 university stats: 56 records for 781 yards and also nine touchdowns

There space a the majority of mouths to feeding in brand-new Orleans through Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead and Coby Fleener, however Thomas could be a an excellent replacement for Marques Colston.

7. Kenneth Dixon, RB, BAL

2015 university stats: 197 carries for 1,070 yards and 19 touchdowns; 34 records for 467 yards and also seven touchdowns

He might easily it is in the ideal running back in Baltimore this year, and also I prefer his long-term upside much better than Henry. It" be interesting to see just how he shares carries in 2016 v Justin Forsett and also Javorius Allen.

8. Derrick Henry, RB, TEN

2015 college stats: 395 carries for 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns; 11 records for 91 yards

His workload in college is worrisome (593 tote over three seasons), and also DeMarco Murray is only 28. Henry additionally offers little in the passing video game (17 records at Alabama), for this reason his upside is limited in PPR.

9. C.J. Prosise, RB, SEA

2015 college stats: 156 carries because that 1,032 yards and 11 touchdowns; 26 captures for 308 yards and one touchdown

Seattle to plan to use him in a selection of ways right away, which is encouraging. And it will certainly be exciting to watch what his function is if cutting board Rawls (ankle) is pains to open the year.

10. Paul Perkins, RB, NYG

2015 college stats: 237 carries because that 1,343 yards and 14 touchdowns; 30 captures for 242 yards and also one touchdown

Rashad Jennings is 31, and Shane Vereen is a passing-downs specialist. If Perkins shows well as a rookie he can be the Giants starter for the following several years.

11. Will certainly Fuller, WR, HOU

2015 university stats: 62 catches for 1,258 yards and also 14 touchdowns

He needs to prove he" more than a deep threat, and also he will continue to play second fiddle come DeAndre Hopkins in the future. Brock Osweiler likewise doesn" seem to be the type of quarterback to improve his game.

12. Tyler Boyd, WR, CIN

2015 college stats: 91 captures for 926 yards and also six touchdowns

He acquired a favorable landing spot v the Bengals, who have to replace Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu as totally free agents. Hope he" starting opposite A.J. Green for countless years to come.

13. Kenyan Drake, RB, MIA

2015 college stats: 77 carries because that 408 yards and also one touchdown; 29 records for 276 yards and also one touchdown

Drake can play a prominent role as a rookie with Jay Ajayi as his just competition for touches. He was a career backup at Alabama, but he can be an asset in PPR leagues based on his capability to record the ball.

14. Devontae Booker, RB, DEN

2015 university stats: 268 carries because that 1,261 yards and also 11 touchdowns; 37 catches for 318 yards

He have to be the No. 2 running back for the Broncos as a rookie, however he needs to prove himself right away since he" 24. However, he can be a C.J. Anderson injury far from stardom in Denver.

15. Jordan Howard, RB, CHI

2015 college stats: 196 carries for 1,213 yards and nine touchdowns; 11 captures for 106 yards and one touchdown

The Bears might lean ~ above Howard this year through Jeremy Langford his just competition for touches, however he has minimal upside as a receiver with 17 career catches in college. He" a bruiser at 6-foot, 230 pounds.

16. Leonte Carroo, WR, MIA

2015 college stats: 39 records for 809 yards and also 10 touchdowns

He" talented, yet his opportunity could be restricted landing through the Dolphins. They currently have two young receivers v plenty the upside in DeVante Parker and also Jarvis Landry. It might take time for Carroo to thrive.

17. Malcolm Mitchell, WR, NE

2015 college stats: 58 records for 865 yards and also five touchdowns

The Patriots need speed in ~ receiver, and also he must play appropriate away together a rookie. We wish he had actually a longer tenure v Tom Brady, but we expect a lot of large plays are ahead yet long they space paired together.

18. Paxton Lynch, QB, DEN

2015 college stats: 3,776 happen yards, 28 touchdowns and four interceptions; 239 rushing yards and also two touchdowns

He" my favorite rookie quarterback since of his landing point out in Denver. He might not have the upside that Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, however he does have actually the ideal path to success playing for the Broncos.

19. Jared Goff, QB, LAR

2015 university stats: 4,719 happen yards, 43 touchdowns and also 13 interceptions

The Rams require to uncover weapons to help Goff succeed, however once that happens he can emerge together a viable Fantasy quarterback. He" execute a lot of handing off together a rookie v Todd Gurley in the backfield.

20. Pharoh Cooper, WR, LAR

2015 university stats: 66 captures for 973 yards and also eight touchdowns; 111 rushing yards and also one touchdown

speaking of tools for the Rams, Cooper floor in a good spot because all he needs to do is outplay Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt and Brian fast for playing time. He could be a No. 3 Fantasy recipient as early as 2016.

21. Carson Wentz, QB PHI

2015 university stats: 1,651 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and also four interceptions; 294 rushing yards and also six touchdowns

us hope he starts over Sam Bradford to uncover out if the Eagles do the right relocate to trade up because that him at No. 2 overall. He might not end up being an elite Fantasy quarterback, yet he might be a optimal 15 male in the future.

22. DeAndre Washington, RB, OAK

2015 college stats: 233 carries for 1,492 yards and 14 touchdowns and also 41 records for 385 yards and also two touchdowns

The Raiders have said getting Latavius Murray help this offseason was somewhat of a priority, and also Washington to be the just running back added. That should get playing time right away in 2016.

23. Hunter Henry, TE, SD

2015 college stats: 51 records for 739 yards and also three touchdowns

The replacement because that Ladarius eco-friendly this season and the ultimate replacement for Antonio gates as quickly as 2017. When entrances is unable to do is when Henry could come to be a legit Fantasy legacy in all leagues.

24. Braxton Miller, WR, HOU

2015 university stats: 26 catches for 341 yards and also three touchdowns; 260 rushing yards and one touchdown

He" a task as a convert quarterback, and also he should play behind Hopkins, Fuller and potentially Jaelen solid for the foreseeable future. However if his talent shines with he could come to be a No. 3 Fantasy receiver.

25. Mike Thomas, WR, LAR

2015 university stats: 71 captures for 1,391 yards and also 14 touchdowns

Don" it is in surprised if he ends up together the finest receiver because that the Rams this season. Again, there" not a most talented bodies to leap end on the depth chart, and he to be a heavy player for southern Miss.

26. Tajae Sharpe, WR, TEN

2015 university stats: 111 catches for 1,319 yards and also five touchdowns

Sharpe could emerge as a top quality receiver for the Titans together a rookie, and also he can eventually become a starter. If the passing game opens up in Tennessee this year than Sharpe might be a surprise.

27. Wendell Smallwood, RB, PHI

2015 college stats: 238 carries because that 1,519 yards and also nine touchdowns; 26 captures for 160 yards

This is an additional running ago in a great situation since the Eagles shed DeMarco Murray in a profession to Tennessee yet only included Smallwood in the fifth round. And he plays behind one injury-prone Ryan Mathews, for this reason he can see the field sooner fairly than later on in a big role.

28. Alex Collins, RB, SEA

2015 college stats: 271 carries because that 1,577 yards and 20 touchdowns; 13 catches for 95 yards

He" no going to get much work-related as a rookie if Rawls, Prosise and also Christine Michael room healthy, however he" a physical runner, i beg your pardon has operated in the past for Seattle (see Marshawn Lynch). Still, play time will be hard in the beforehand going.

29. Jordan Payton, WR, CLE

2015 university stats: 78 catches for 1,106 yards and five touchdowns

The Browns drafted five receivers to resolve a huge need at the position, and also Payton might easily arise as a starter the contrary Coleman or pat in three-receiver sets. His upside is a No. 3 Fantasy receiver.

30. Keith Marshall, RB, was

2015 university stats: 68 carries because that 350 yards and also three touchdowns; four catches for 28 yards and also one touchdown

Marshall landing in a an excellent situation through the Redskins, who have actually Matt Jones and tiny else in ~ running earlier this season. He" fast and also once mutual the Georgia backfield v Gurley, but he" still obtaining over a torn ACL in 2013. He" a sleeper in every rookie-only formats.

31. Rashard Higgins, WR, CLE

2015 college stats: 75 captures for 1,062 yards and also eight touchdowns

Higgins to be the 5th receiver drafted in Cleveland in ring 5 indigenous Colorado State, and also he could be the greatest surprise of the class based upon what that did in college. Favor all the Browns receivers, there" an possibility for playing time, which functions in his favor.

32. Tyler Ervin, RB, HOU

2015 college stats: 294 carries for 1,601 yards and 13 touchdowns; 45 records for 334 yards and also two touchdowns

Ervin might emerge together the No. 2 running earlier in Houston this season behind Lamar Miller, however that doesn" guarantee him a big role. The will likely play on pass downs and also special teams and also will only have actually increased worth if Miller gets hurt.

33. Tyler Higbee, TE, LAR

2015 college stats: 38 records for 563 yards and also eight touchdowns

Jared chef is gone, no that he to be a big factor, yet Higbee could start best away in 2016. And as we" said around the Rams, there" a lack of talent top top offense, therefore he can soak up targets together a rookie.

34. Demarcus Robinson, WR, KC

2015 college stats: 48 catches for 522 yards and two touchdowns

He has actually some character issues to get rid of after four suspensions at the university of Florida, yet the Chiefs are desperate for a No. 2 receiver opposite Jeremy Maclin. Robinson could challenge Chris Conley and Albert Wilson for playing time appropriate away.

35. Austin Hooper, TE, ATL

2015 college stats: 34 captures for 438 yards and six touchdowns

Hooper landing in a an excellent spot through the Falcons since they absence weapons in the passing game after Julio Jones. Like most rookie tight ends, we might not check out his potential realized until his second season.

36. Josh Ferguson, RB, IND

2015 university stats: 129 carries for 708 yards and also three touchdowns; 37 captures for 280 yards and also two touchdowns

that is one undrafted free agent, but he signed with the appropriate team due to the fact that Frank Gore is 33 and also doesn" have actually anyone of significance on the depth chart behind him. If the plays well, a huge role could be his in the future.

37. Jonathan Williams, RB, BUF

2015 college stats: 211 carries for 1,190 yards and also 12 touchdowns; 11 records for 65 yards and two touchdowns

You might need part patience v Williams since he will play behind LeSean McCoy and also Karlos Williams, yet once McCoy (28) is gone from Buffalo he can get prolonged look. There" upside here, yet he" short on the depth chart.

38. Ricardo Louis, WR, CLE

2015 university stats: 46 captures for 716 yards and three touchdowns

louis is a project, but the Browns now have plenty of depth in ~ receiver to view what creates down the road. The reward can be good based ~ above his athleticism, however we might not check out Louis do an impact any time soon.

39. Dak Prescott, QB, DAL

2015 college stats: 3,793 pass yards, 29 touchdowns and also five interceptions; 588 rushing yards and also 10 touchdowns

The factor for Prescott here is his landing spot since Tony Romo isn" going to play forever and also was ache for most of 2015 v a twice-broken collarbone. If Prescott at some point takes over together the starter in Dallas then he can be a sleeper Fantasy choice in the future.

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40. Darius Jackson, RB, DAL

2015 university stats: 208 carries for 1,078 yards and also 14 touchdowns; 21 captures for 201 yards and also two touchdowns

Jackson won" watch the ar in 2016 behind Elliott, Darren McFadden and also Alfred Morris, but he could emerge as the handcuff to Elliott in 2017. And also that offers him value as a late-round choose in rookie-only drafts.