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When you conflict fantasy football rankings at quarterback (Cam Newton vs. Aaron Rodgers), running back (Todd Gurley vs. David Johnson vs. Adrian Peterson vs. ...), vast receiver (Antonio Brown vs. Julio Jones vs. Odell Beckham Jr.), defense (Broncos vs. Cardinals vs. Seahawks) and also kicker (some skinny white guy vs. One more skinny white guy), there room legit arguments, however when it comes to tight end, there"s only one acceptable answer -- and that answer is Gronk.

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Whether you"re in a PPR or typical league, it"s a perfect acceptable breeze strategy to take Rob Gronkowski in latter half of the first round and also build your team about him, which is other we"ve hardly ever said around any tight end ever. Of course, it"s likewise perfectly acceptable to punting tight end early, load your roster through backs and receivers, and also grab a pair of sleeper TEs late, hoping that one pans out.

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With a dearth the "safe", upper-tier TEs this year, expect a lot of fantasy owners to play the sleeper game. There are plenty that high-upside options, yet even if friend hit on one, you"ll quiet be playing catch-up to the male or gal v Gronk in your league.

Fantasy soccer 2016 rankings: tight ends

* = an ext value in PPR leagues

1. Plunder Gronkowski, Patriots. you shouldn’t require us come tell you why Gronk is therefore good, yet in instance you do, below are a couple quick stats: Gronkowski has score at least 10 TDs in 5 of six periods (and the season he didn’t get dual digits is one in i m sorry he only played seven games) and also has had actually at least 1,100 yards in each of the previous two years. Sure, you deserve to argue the he’s “injury-prone” or that four games without Tom Brady will certainly hurt him, yet don’t let the dissuade friend from taking Gronk in the very first round. Also with a couple of question marks, he’s that much much better – and has the much much more upside -- 보다 every other tight end.

2. Greg Olsen, Panthers. Olsen can be the many "stable" of every fantasy TEs. He’s posted back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and also had end 800 yards in 4 straight campaigns. Probably surprisingly, Olsen no a large TD guy (seven last year, his most due to the fact that 2009), however he’s tho a stud in ~ this thin position.

3. Jordan Reed, Redskins. Reed was second to Delanie pedestrian in dare targets per game (8.1) and receptions per game (6.2) last year, and also he score the very same amount that touchdowns as Gronk in spite of playing in one less contest. He clearly has a great rapport through QB Kirk Cousins, and he stands a good chance of gift Washington’s top receiver this season. The just knock top top Reed is his injury history, which contains multiple concussions, knee problems, and also nagging hamstring issues. However, he play a career-high 14 gamings last season, therefore at least he’s trending upward in the health department. It’s easy to do a instance for Reed as the No. 2 dare (with one outside chance to complete as the height TE), so nothing be surprised if the goes off the board in the first four rounds.

4. Delanie Walker, Titans*. pedestrian led the NFL in te targets last year, and he was one of four tight end to height 1,000 yards. End the past two seasons, he’s third in catches and yards and tied for nine in TDs amongst TEs. He’s not the most interesting player to pick, yet he quietly gets the job done week-in and week-out.

5. Travis Kelce, Chiefs. after a hard sophomore season (67-862-5), many expected Kelce to only get better during Year 3. Instead, he put up almost the specific same numbers (72-875-5). That’s not a bad thing, however even simply three years right into his career, it currently feels favor Kelce has actually reached his ceiling. That’s no necessarily true, but Kelce’s upside is a bit minimal by the Chiefs offense. Just two teams threw less than Kansas City last year, and Kelce received just three targets inside the 10-yard-line. His 10 red-zone targets repaint a small better picture, however it quiet seems like TDs will be tougher come come by because that him.

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6. Gary Barnidge, Browns. Barnidge had the rare “age-30 breakout” season critical year, finishing second among every TEs in fantasy points. Owners will likely be unconvinced of one encore performance, yet Barnidge has actually a couple of numbers working in his favor: that was first among all TEs in targets inside the 20-yard-line (23) and fourth among all players in targets within the 10 (13). He was additionally tied for fourth in dare targets/game (7.8) and also fifth in yards/game (65.2). He’s a large part that the Browns offense, and with Hue Jackson ~ above board together head coach, the shouldn’t change. Of course, through Corey Coleman and also Josh Gordon likewise on board – to add a brand-new QB – the could change, and that’s a identify worry. We’re still trusting Barnidge, however the crucial when drafting him – and also any of the TEs after ~ the height three – is no to overdraft. Sure, he’s our No. 6 TE, however that’s an ext a reflection of the as whole unsteadiness that the position than that Barnidge’s reliability/talent.

7. Coby Fleener, Saints*. We"ve created a lot about Fleener (and other TEs more down ours rankings) in ours TE sleepers article, for this reason click right here for much more analysis.

8. Julius Thomas, Jaguars. A hand injury preserved Thomas out for the an initial four weeks of last season, and he got off to a slow-moving start upon his return, catching just 15 passes because that 139 yards and a touchdown in his an initial five games. He then scored in 4 straight games, topping 100 yards once and catching in ~ least five passes in 4 of five contests. There’s little doubt thomas is a valuable part of the Jags offense, but consistency can remain an concern with all of the various other weapons in the receiving game. Yes a most upside here, but unfortunately, over there are also a couple of question marks.

9. Antonio Gates, Chargers*. gateways is eight scores far from breaking the all-time TD document by a tight end, and Philip Rivers has actually said among the objectives of this season is to acquire Gates that record. If that’s no a ringing endorsement, what is? last season, the 36-year-old gateways posted his finest yards-per-game total since 2011; that course, he likewise injured his knee and also missed five games. Injuries are an apparent worry, however Gates, that ranked 5th last season in red-zone targets per game, is still a major part the the Chargers offense and also seemingly still has actually the talent to placed up TE1-caliber stats.

10. Dwayne Allen, Colts. Click below for more on Allen.

11. Zach Ertz, Eagles. Ertz was featured greatly in Chip Kelly’s game arrangement the past two seasons – in ~ least in between the 20s. Red-zone targets were a difficulty (five complete TDs), but new coach Doug Pederson cases that won’t be the situation this year. If true, Ertz could finally have actually a breakout season wherein he it s okay yards and TDs. Because that now, we’re suspecting the change from Kelly’s uptempo offense will hurt Ertz much more than that helps, but there’s lot of of upside here, specifically at this slim position.

12. Jimmy Graham, Seahawks. The Seahawks case Graham (knee) is close to returning and also will be ready for mainly 1; analysts (and the medical community) case his injury is the most daunting for an NFL player come return from. Throw in his madness disappointing first season in Seattle (two TDs in 11 games), and all of the suddenly fantasy’s previous top chop end is considered, in ~ best, a backup by most owners. You can"t reference them offered the injury worries, yet if Graham is healthy and balanced for main 1, it’s challenging to look past his enormous talent and also upside. He can be one of the best risk-reward picks in the draft, and also until he’s officially ruled the end for the start of the season, we’re going to think about him a “fantasy starter.”

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13. Tyler Eifert, Bengals. Eifert’s ranking is awfully unstable right now, as it’s still unclear as soon as he’ll more than the fish eye injury he suffered in critical year’s agree Bowl. The fourth-year TE had actually a breakout season in 2015, leading every TEs through 13 TD catches. However, in between the fishing eye problem, the loss of OC Hue Jackson, and the ns of WRs Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, Eifert’s ’16 outlook isn’t fairly so rosy. It seems likely he’ll still be a big part the Cincinnati’s offense, particularly in the red region (11 TDs ~ above 13 targets within the 20-yard-line), yet given his fairly inconsistent yardage totals, Eifert can go back to being an “all-or-nothing” play. Remain tuned throughout the preseason because that updates.

14. Eric Ebron, Lions. Click below for much more on Ebron.

15. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Buccaneers. ASJ is quickly turning into a fantasy ghost story. He repetitively missed gamings in which the was intended to play last year, and also now he’s reportedly fighting for a roster spot. We’re going come chalk that approximately some early-preseason camp an ideas (for now), yet it obviously can not be ignored. Seferian-Jenkins has talent and also produced as soon as he to be on the field last year, but all the red flags make him difficult to trust.

16. Martellus Bennett, Patriots. Click below for an ext on Bennett.

17. Zach Miller, Bears*. Click below for much more on Miller. 

18. Vance McDonald, 49ers*. Click below for more on McDonald.

19. Jared Cook, Packers.

20. Jason Witten, Cowboys*. Even in ~ 34, Witten remains one of the most greatly targeted tight ends, and that’s ~ a season greatly spent there is no Tony Romo. The yards per record keep going down, and also the touchdowns are always spotty, but Witten still has some plug-and-play value with the upside for more.

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21. Virgil Green, Broncos

22. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings

23. Jordan Cameron, Dolphins.

24. Charles Clay, Bills. 


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Ladarius Green, Steelers. Click here for an ext on Green, consisting of the recurring headache problem that reportedly has him considering retirement.