Total War: Warhammer is obtaining 30 ‘Regiments of Renown’ come celebrate developers an imaginative Assembly’s 30th birthday, and also they’ll be completely free.

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Excited for the sequel? Here’s everything we understand so far around Total War: Warhammer 2.

Regiments the Renown room a Warhammer-esque turn on a ide that’s been common in previous total War games: unique, elite versions of existing units with a practiced twist and a difficult recruitment limit, often distinguished by a reskin. It’s like the difference in between Coldstream Guards and unnamed security or line Infantry from Empire: total War.

With the arrival of our ‘Old Friend’ Krell last month, the Regiments that Renown are the last injection of over a year’s worth of free DLC for total War: Warhammer (unless CA notice more).

The new units will certainly reinforce 5 races: Bretonnia, the Beastmen, Chaos, the lumber Elves, and also the forthcoming Norscans. They’ll walk live on respectable 10 – the same day as the Norsca DLC. Here’s the full list:



The Eye of Morrsleib (Cygor with an immobilisation hex)Destroyers that the Drakwald (Ungor spearmen through extra melee defence)Black-Horn’s Ravagers (Gors through stalk, vanguard, and also extra armour)Sons the Ghorros (Centigors v a physical defence balloon buff)Khorok’s Manrippers (Anti-large Bestigors with bonus defence)Butchers of Kalkengard (Minotaurs through terror and also regen)



Wardens that Montfort (Mounted Yeomen archers with poison)Holy Wardens of La Maisontaal (Battle Pilgrims with fire and also magic attacks)Beastslayers the Bastonne (Foot Squires through halberds)Defenders of the Fleur-de-Lis (Knights Errant through frenzy)Knights that the Lionhearted (Knights the the Realm v fear and magic attacks)The Companions of Quenelles (Questing Knights v the Lady’s Blessing)



Wyrd generate (Chaos generate with anti-armour melee attacks)The Daemonspew (Forsaken v poison)Summoners of fury (Dragon Ogres v a chain lightning tied spell)The mirror Guard (Sigvald’s an individual Chaos warriors – faster and also stronger)The spirit of Damnation (Hellcannon with much faster reload when damaged)Swords the Chaos (Archaon’s personal knights – unique charge ability)



Beasts that Tashnar (Norscan hounds with frenzy and anti-large)Icehorn Marauders (Marauders, immune to both psychology and also vigour)Soulcrusher (War Mammoth through enrage and strider)Brutes that the Hound (Marauder Berserkers through fear and unbreakable)Maws that Savagery (armoured Skin Wolves v vanguard)Mist Stalkers (Fimir warriors with stalk, vanguard, and terror)

Wood Elves


Firebark Elders (Treekin v fire attacks and fire resistance balloon buff)Wild Hunters the Kurnous (Wild Riders through physical resistance bubble)Wardens of Cythral (Wildwood Rangers with vanguard and also stalk)Loec’s Tricksters (Wardancers through bubble that confers stalk and extra speed)Winterheart guards (Eternal Guard v unbreakable, much more charge defence)Hawk-eyes that Drakira (Waywatchers through smoke bombs)

You’ll need a complete War accessibility account to case the new units, yet they’re totally free to register. You deserve to learn an ext on the full War blog, or track in to the full War Twitch channel in one hour (15:00 BST, 07:00 Pacific) to watch the regiments unveiled in video clip form.

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Happy 30th birthday to CA, among the UK’s largest developers. In one update, they say they’re working on eight significant projects, 4 of which are unannounced.

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