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"As any Fool have the right to See" is a track written by Paul Nelson and also Kenny Beard, and recorded by American nation music artist Tracy Lawrence. It to be released in December 1994 together the second single from his album, I check out It Now. The song peaked in ~ number 2 on the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Songs chart and also at number 18 ~ above Canada"s RPM country chart.

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Lately she"s been picking fights, dropping hints and also just last nightI captured a tear as she slipped off to sleepShe"s not here however she"s not goneI assumption: v she must be wait on the kind of male I promised her I"d be(Chorus)As any fool can seeShe"s gonna cross that lineShe"s got leaving on she mindAnd it"s also late but what keeps killing meIs knowing I"ve been blindAs any fool can see___How long did i think she"d was standing for me to it is in the type of manThat came and went just as ns dang fine pleasedWhile she sit at residence alonewith fears and also feelings of she ownLord knows goodbye would bring me to mine knees(Repeat Chorus)

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Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence (born January 27, 1968) is one American country music artist. He started at a nation music restaurant called "Live at Libby"s" where owner Libby knight would aid local talent discover their means into country music. Lawerence signed come Atlantic documents in 1991, Lawrence debuted that year through the album Sticks and Stones, which developed his first chart single and very first Number One struggle in its title track. Five much more studio albums, and a live album and also a compilation album, adhered to throughout the 1990s and also into 2000 ~ above Atlantic before the label"s country division was close up door in 2001. Afterward, he videotaped for Warner Bros. Records, DreamWorks Records, Mercury documents Nashville and also his own label, Rocky comfort Records. More »


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