About Renegades, Rebels and Rogues

"Renegades, Rebels and Rogues" is a song written by Larry Boone, Earl Clark and Paul Nelson, and also recorded by American nation music artist Tracy Lawrence. It to be released in might 1994 as a single from the soundtrack that the 1994 movie Maverick. The peaked at number 7 on the United claims Billboard Hot nation Singles & monitor chart and also at number 5 top top the Canadian RPM country Tracks chart.

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They come indigenous the wrong side of the trackBorn a breed apartCan"t tie em up, can"t pin "em downAlways clinging to some old starThey chase that restless spiritWherever the four winds blowThere"s one more dreamJust around the bendRenegades, Rebels and also RoguesRenegades, Rebels and also roguesEyes the fire, understanding of goldThey ramble till castle dropGamble till the money runs outThey"ll take any wrong direction"Cause it"s in their blood to knowThat all roads lead to an additional roadFor Renegades, rebels and also roguesDaughters love em", Daddys dislike em"Mama don"t understandWhenever life deals em" down and also dirty they simply play an additional handAnd there"s a location in heavenfor those wild and also kindred soulsBut they"ll be increasing hell it rotates thenRenegades, Rebels and also RoguesThey"ll take any kind of wrong direction"Cause it"s in your blood come knowThat all roads lead to another roadFor Renegades, rebels and rogues

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Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence (born January 27, 1968) is an American country music artist. He began at a nation music restaurant referred to as "Live at Libby"s" whereby owner Libby knight would help local talent uncover their way into country music. Lawerence signed to Atlantic documents in 1991, Lawrence debuted the year v the album Sticks and also Stones, which produced his very first chart solitary and very first Number One struggle in its title track. Five much more studio albums, and also a live album and a compilation album, complied with throughout the 1990s and also into 2000 top top Atlantic before the label"s country division was close up door in 2001. Afterward, he videotaped for Warner Bros. Records, DreamWorks Records, Mercury documents Nashville and his own label, Rocky lull Records. More »