About between an Old Memory and also Me

"Between an Old Memory and also Me" is a tune written by Keith Stegall and also Charlie Craig. That was initially recorded by American nation music artist Keith Whitley because that his 1989 album, i Wonder execute You Think the Me. It was then videotaped by Travis Tritt and released in November 1994 together the third solitary from his 1994 album Ten Feet Tall and also Bulletproof. The peaked at number 11 on the United says Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor chart, and also at number 3 ~ above the Canadian RPM country Singles & monitor chart. More »

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I was sittin" at a tableIn a small club downtownPlayin" songs on the jukeboxAnd pourin" whiskey downWhen ns heard a sweet voice sayin""Would you choose some company?"And I had actually to phone call herThis is just betweenan old memory and meAll my friends phone call meThat I"m a fool for holding onI understand their trying to assist meBut I"ve to be a fool also longAnd ns don"t desire to talk around itSo why can"t they just let me be?"Cause this is just betweenAn old memory and meAnd I"m not hurtin" anybodyAs far as I can seeI simply need to it is in alone sometimesWhile she go walkin" with my mindOh, I"m not hurtin" anybody, yeahAs far as I have the right to seeI simply need to be alone sometimesWhile she go walkin" v my mindAnd i don"t want to talk around itSo why can"t everyone see?This is simply betweenAn old memory and meOh, Yeah, Yeah!This is just betweenHer memory and also me

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Travis Tritt James Travis Tritt (born February 9, 1963) is one American, Grammy-winning, country music singer native Marietta, Georgia. The signed come Warner Bros. Documents in 1989, releasing 7 studio albums and a biggest hits package because that the label in between then and 1999. In the 2000s, that released two albums on Columbia Records and also one for the defunct classification 5 Records.

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7 of his albums (counting the greatest Hits) space certified platinum or greater by the Recording industry Association that America (RIAA); the highest-certified is 1991"s It"s All around to Change, which is certified triple-platinum. Tritt has also charted much more than fourty times on the Hot nation Songs charts, including five number ones — "Help Me host On," "Anymore," "Can ns Trust You v My Heart," "Foolis… an ext »