The tune is around vocalist Tyler Joseph"s wife, Jenna Black, and also how he let her in to his emotionally side, i m sorry brought about a tear in his heart.
The video was command by Marc Klasfeld. We watch Joseph get beaten increase by a woman, that is play by Jenna Black.
work-related From HomeFifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony was going to contact their song "Work," however they adjusted it come "Work indigenous Home" as soon as Rihanna released a tune with that title.

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Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus" "Wrecking Ball" started life in a creating session in between Dr. Luke and Sacha Skarbek intended because that Beyonce. However, together the tune progressed, they realized that it wouldn"t occupational for her.

Shake the OffTaylor Swift

Taylor Swift"s “Shake the Off” was inspired by how she"d learned to deal with all the false rumors the circulated around her. "The just thing us can control is our reaction to the ,” stated Swift. "You deserve to either permit it get to girlfriend … you simply shake the off."

Crocodile RockElton man

Elton John"s "Crocodile Rock" lend a bit from Don McLean"s "American Pie." Both songs attribute a Chevy, and also are around young world who space heartbroken as soon as their music "dies."

Poker FaceLady Gaga

The "Mum-mum-mum-ma" hook top top lady Gaga"s "Poker Face" was sampled from Boney M"s 1977 fight "Ma Baker."

household AffairMary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige had actually regrets over singing about getting drunk in "Family Affair."

Boz ScaggsSongwriter Interviews

The "Lowdown" and also "Lido Shuffle" singer provides a habit that playing v the finest in the business.

Janet JacksonFact or Fiction

Was Janet privately married in ~ 18? walk she obtain 60 pounds because that a movie role that went to Mariah Carey? check out what girlfriend know about Ms. Jackson.

Dan ReedSongwriter Interviews

Dan cracked the top 40 with "Ritual," then saw India and also spent 2 hrs with the Dalai Lama.

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director Paul Rachman ~ above "Hunger Strike," "Man in the Box," KissSong composing

After cut his this on hardcore punk videos, Paul characterized the grunge look v his work-related on "Hunger Strike" and "Man in the Box."

Johnette Napolitano the Concrete BlondeSongwriter Interviews

The singer/bassist because that Concrete Blonde talks about how she songs come native clairvoyance, and also takes us through the make of their hit "Joey."

The fact Is the end There: A history of extraterrestrial SongsSong writing

The trail operation from paris saucer song in the "50s, v Bowie, blink-182 and Katy Perry.