Predictions for that will it is in the next starting quarterback the the Cardinals continue to come out and also one site has actually a bridge QB choice for Arizona: Tyrod Taylor.

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Pro football Weekly predicts that the Cardinals will certainly land the quarterback, right now with the Buffalo Bulls, in cost-free agency. 

First points first: will certainly Taylor it is in available?

He is under contract in Buffalo, however could become a complimentary agent if the Bills pick to reduced him to totally free up part salary cap space (which is a actual possibility).

Taylor is early out a $6 million bonus if he’s on the bills roster the third day of the league year, in march 17, but likewise could it is in traded after ~ the new-league year starts on march 14.

He is currently ranked No. 20 among quarterbacks in the NFL in average yearly salary at $18 million.

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That doesn"t seem come scare pro Football Weekly. It even goes as much as predicting Taylor"s contract in Arizona (Four years, $75 million, with $35 million guaranteed).

Eric Edholm writes: "The Cardinals must include a quarterback because, well, they have actually none under contract. This isn’t a great-looking deal on the surface, also though we prefer Taylor and also appreciate what attack coordinator Mike McCoy has actually done with a wide range of talent at the position over the years. McCoy can adjust his offense accordingly with Taylor at the helm, and the Cardinals have the right to draft a potential successor in ring 1 or 2. (Could friend imagine if Lamar Jackson, a similar type of talent, fell to them at choose No. 47? What a deal that would be.) and also for the Cardinals, they wouldn’t feel together if they to be light years away in the QB eight race forming out west. Sure, they’d it is in behind the Seahawks, Rams and also 49ers, all of whom have actually their franchise throwers in ar for the many years to come. Yet the plucky Taylor would certainly be a an excellent placeholder and enable them to be competitive in what can be Larry Fitzgerald’s final season."

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Taylor, 28, had 2,799 passing yards, 14 touchdowns and also just 4 interceptions critical season. That rushed for 427 yards and also four touchdowns.

Here"s what some various other sites have actually said around the possibility of Taylor landing v the Cardinals in Arizona:

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Kent Somers writes: "The bills benched him in ~ midseason, a clean signal of what lock think the Taylor’s future. Taylor, who turns 29 in August, has actually a call for being careful with the ball, so cautious that the doesn’t do the plays forced to win enough games."

ESPN: Arizona Cardinals are best fit because that Tyrod Taylor 

Field Yates wrote: "Few teams have had the current success of the Cardinals in gaining veteran players and also helping them come breathe 2nd life into a career. Carson Palmer, Dwight Freeney and also Tramon Williams are notable examples. There are countless question marks this offseason in Arizona -- starting with who will replace Bruce Arians -- yet Taylor would be a reasonable enhancement given that Arizona is far enough down the breeze order (No. 15) the finding a peak quarterback possibility is no sure thing."

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Jack London writes: "With their need at quarterback, Taylor comes as no surprise, and also the new coaching employee is versatile sufficient to accommodate his skill set. Unfortunately, the not likely to occur until after the draft. Unless Buffalo pulls a move to go up to the second or 3rd pick (this would seem to it is in the most most likely scenario) before the draft, yes sir no means they can release Taylor now and count on choosing a future starter. If the were come happen, that would certainly be perfect scenario because that Arizona come snatch him increase if they quiet don’t have a viable answer on the roster."

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Ryan Wilson created in November: "Blaine Gabbert could start for Arizona this week. This is reason sufficient to include Taylor here."

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