2. The form of inflation that occurs because input prices(costs of production) have risen quickly is:

a- Deflation

b- Demand-Pull Inflation

c- Cost-Push Inflation

d- Hyperinflation

3. Intend that the CPI in 2000 to be 176 and also the CPI in 2001was 178.4. Calculation the rate of inflation indigenous 2000 come 2001.

a- 2.4%

b- 5.6%

c- 1.36%

d- 1.04%

4. Expect that the worth of the CPI basket in 2010 was$36,500 and also the value of the same basket in the basic year (1982-84)was $20,000. What is the value of the CPI in 2010?

a- 1.825

b- 182.5

c- 5.47

d- 54.7

5. Expect that an economic situation has 9 million civilization workingfull-time. It likewise has 1 million human being who are actively seekingwork but at this time unemployed and 2 million discouragedworkers that have offered up trying to find work and are currentlyunemployed. What is this economy’s joblessness rate?

a- 15%

b- 25%

c- 20%

d- 10%

6. Intend that in a population of 400,000 people, thereare 100,000 people who space either institutionalized or room tooyoung come work. Additionally, there room 60,000 human being who choose notto work because they are stay-at-home parents, college students, orretired. In this scenario, if 228,000 people right now are employedfull-time, what is the joblessness rate?

a- 2.28%

b- 57%

c- 10%

d- 5%

7. Intend that in a populace of 400,000 people, thereare 100,000 world who space either institutionalized or room tooyoung come work. Additionally, there are 60,000 people who pick notto work due to the fact that they room stay-at-home parents, college students, orretired. In this scenario, what is the dimension of the job force?

a- 300,000

b- 400,000

c- 240,000

d- 360,000

8. All of the adhering to are reasons of shocks that have the right to causebusiness cycles, except:

a- political Events

b- suddenly or Dramatic alters in Productivity

c- Consistent, stable Innvation

d- financial Instability

9. Which is the correct sequencing of the businesscycle?

a- Expansion, Recession, Trough, Peak

b- Peak, Expansion, Recession, Trough

c- Expansion, Peak, Recession, Trough

d- Trough, Recession, Expansion, Peak


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Economists specify a recession as:

a- 2 or more consecutive quarters or declining real GDP

b- any kind of reduction in employment that occurs from one period tothe next

c- whenever GDP indigenous one duration is reduced than the period beforeit

d- 6 months of declining GDP

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