Jones, Wilson aid Duke uncomfortable No. 17 north Carolina 28-27Daniel Jones ran for 2 scores and also threw for an additional to help Duke uncomfortable No. 17 north Carolina 28-27 top top Thursday night and also secure the Blue Devil"s first Atlantic coastal Conference win.

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North Carolina

first QuarterUNCDUKE

UNC strikes again together Trubisky hits Howard because that the TD (0:47)Mitch Trubisky throw his second touchdown pass of the first quarter, this one to bug Howard, to twin North Carolina"s lead to 14-0 end Duke. (0:47)

Jones" goalkeeper gets fight it out in the finish zone (0:44)After spotting phibìc Carolina a 14-point lead, battle each other gets ~ above the board as soon as Daniel Jones fights his way into the finish zone native eight yards out. (0:44)

Duke earlier in the video game with Wilson"s TD plunge (0:47)After giving up the an initial 14 point out to phibìc Carolina, duke answers with back-to-back touchdowns, the recent from Shaun Wilson to level the video game at 14-14. (0:47)

Duke fully buys the fake, UNC scores 54-yard TD (0:55)Daniel Jones scores his second rushing touchdown the the game, this time native one-yard out, to lug Duke earlier level v North Carolina again in ~ 21-21. (0:55)

Duke caps off 10-play journey with 2nd Jones TD (0:36)Daniel Jones scores his 2nd rushing touchdown that the game, this time from one-yard out, to carry Duke ago level through North Carolina again in ~ 21-21. (0:36)

Jump pass to Koppenhaver puts duke in prior (0:47)Already v two rushing touchdowns, Daniel Jones fakes the operation at the goal line and also throws rather to Davis Koppenhaver because that the score giving fight it out the lead at 28-24. (0:47)

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Boston College0-02-0
Wake Forest0-02-0
NC State0-01-1
Florida State0-00-2
Virginia Tech1-02-0
Georgia Tech0-01-1
North Carolina0-11-1