Jerod Evans and also Virginia Tech managed the clock and ground out many of your yards ~ above the ground. (Mike Comer/Getty Images)

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — driving rain, 18-mph winds and also North Carolina’s violation all showed to be nothing much more than a nuisance for the rise Virginia technology Hokies, playing on the suburbs of Hurricane Matthew on Saturday.

No. 25 Virginia tech notched a 34-3 declare win versus the ACC’s defending coastal Division champion in ~ Kenan Stadium.

The Hokies capitalized on four turnovers, organized the ball for almost twin the lot of time the their adversaries and restricted 17th-ranked north Carolina to simply 131 yards of full offense. Virginia tech (4-1, 2-0 ACC), i beg your pardon climbed ago into the associated Press peak 25 this main after two consecutive blowouts against overmatched opponents, will proceed a big of four ACC road gamings in five weeks v designs on a department title.

“We’re exhausted of hearing around everybody else,” Hokies quarterback Jerod Evans said. “We’re worn down of hearing about UNC, Miami, Clemson, Louisville. Those are great teams — don’t gain me wrong, ns mean, those space extremely good teams — yet at the same time, we feel like we need to be mentioned in those categories v those guys. Therefore every week, we have actually a statement we desire to make.”

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Heavy rain do the football difficult to handle and also handicapped both teams’ usually effective passing games. Virginia Tech regulated just 75 yards with the waiting to north Carolina’s 58. But while a secure Evans minimal mistakes, throwing 2 touchdown passes and no interceptions, Mitch Trubisky to be intercepted for the very first two times this season. Every quarterback shed a fumble.

And because that North Carolina, (4-2, 2-1), competing against the Hokies there is no its top rusher was too huge a task. Student in the first year Jordon Brown started in ar of Elijah Hood, who was hurt in the very first half against Florida State critical week. Brown finished v zero yards on 3 carries, and also the Tar Heels had actually just 73 rushing yards on 29 tote overall.

The Hokies obtained a season-low 264 yards and also fumbled seven times, shedding two. However they hosted on, many thanks in huge part to an in-game adjustment native Coach Justin Fuente come lean an ext heavily top top the operation game. Lock pounded north Carolina through 66 carries, grinding out 189 yards. Travon McMillian led the way with 76 yards top top 17 carries, making him one of 5 Hokies who added at the very least 22 rushing yards.

“I think Coach simply felt an ext comfortable to run the ball,” stated Evans, that ran 21 times for 49 yards.

“We came out here and we practiced this this totality week, on our bye week, to make sure that we concentration on the ball, catching, throwing,” Evans said. “. . . When it’s those kind of conditions, you obtained to make certain you obtained that ball very first no issue what.”

Preparedness came throughout on both sides of the round for Virginia Tech. After scoring at the very least 24 point out in every video game this season, the Tar Heels were organized without a touchdown because that the very first time under fifth-year Coach Larry Fedora.

“We defended the happen in the secondary, we rushed the passer, eliminated the run game,” Fuente stated of the Hokies’ defense. “Pretty darn an excellent performance.”

The game gained off come an ugly start, in component because of Hurricane Matthew and also in component because of two early snaps native Virginia Tech center Eric Gallo while Evans was making pat adjustments.

But the Hokies just stumbled. The Tar Heels, whose an initial three possessions finished in a punt, one interception and a fumble, respectively, face-planted and didn’t recover.

Trubisky threw his very first interception in 244 happen attempts to set up Virginia Tech’s an initial field goal of the half. Location kicker Joey Slye converted an additional one, from 28 yards, after ~ Brandon Facyson forced a fumble.

In all, 3 turnovers resulted in three field goals between the 2 teams prior to Bucky Hodges managed to catch a 28-yard bomb indigenous Evans that placed Virginia technology on the 1-yard heat with much less than 2 minutes left in the half. Evans went to a wide-open kris Cunningham for the touchdown happen that sent the Hokies into the locker room through a 13-3 lead.

It to be the best halftime deficit the Tar Heels had challenged at home in 2 years.

Things didn’t boost for north Carolina ~ the break. Trubisky finished the Tar Heels’ an initial drive of the third quarter v an incompletion and also a fumble, handing Virginia technology the round on the north Carolina 22. Evans struggle Sam Rogers with a 22-yard touchdown happen to make it 20-3.

Another turnover — this time a dropped punting snap — set the Hokies up for their following touchdown, and also McMillian capped the scoring through a four-yard touchdown operation after Andrew Motuapuaka intercepted Trubisky for the second time.

The Tar Heels’ loss complied with two last-second wins end ACC foes, consisting of an uncomfortable of then-No. 12 Florida State in Tallahassee, and snapped a streak of 10 straight ACC consistent season wins.

“We knew this team was picked to win our division,” Hokies protective coordinator Bud Foster said. “It’s a great step for us, towards where we’re wanting to go.”