Expense account ~ above or just after the day of sale B. Service writes a inspect to the thirdminusparty processor for the processing fee C. Network amount the the sale is credited to the Sales Revenue account ~ above or simply after the date of revenue D. Credit to the sales revenue is offering price less the transaction fee

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The thedesigningfairy.com is: D) credit transaction to the sales revenue is selling price much less the transaction fee


Let"s i think your company sells product X and also accepts credit transaction card payments. Product X"s listing price is $100 i m sorry is the amount paid by your customers. Your firm will not receive the complete $100, depending on the handling fees you will be receiving about $98.

So you need to credit $98 come sales revenue (sales price - processing fees).

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The asset​ account, Office Supplies had a start balance the $ 6 comma 000$6,000. During the accounting​ period, office suppli


The lot of Supplies cost for the accounting​ duration is $9,000


The computation of the supplies expense is displayed below:

= start balance the office gives + purchase of office offers - office gives on hand

= $6,000 + $5,000 - $2,000

= $9,000

The journal entry is shown listed below for far better understanding:

Supplies cost A/c Dr $9,000

To provides A/c $9,000

(Being supplies expense is adjusted)

Porter Inc"s stock has actually an supposed return that 12.50%, a beta that 1.25, and also is in equilibrium. If the risk-free price is 2.00%, what


c. 8.40%


Use CAPM formula to settle this question;

CAPM r = risk complimentary + beta(Market threat premium)

expected return ;r = 12.50% or 0.125 together a decimal

0.125 = 0.02 + 1.25 (MRP)

subtract 0.02 native both sides;

0.125 - 0.02 = 1.25MRP

0.105 = 1.25MRP

Divide both sides by 1.25 to fix for MRP

0.105/1.25 = MRP

0.084 = MRP

Market threat premium (MRP) is as such 8.40%

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Carin, Inc. Claimed a 50% stock dividend on January 15, once there were 10,000 share of $1 par worth stock issued and outstand

Carin, Inc. Claimed a 50% stock dividend ~ above January 15, as soon as there to be 10,000 share of $1 par worth stock issued and outstanding, and also the sector value was $20. The entrance to document the distribution of stock will encompass a debit to the Common share Dividend Distributable account, in the quantity of $5,000

Since Carin claimed 50% that 10,000 share of $1 par value, climate the entry will include a debit to the usual stock dividend distributable account for $5,000 (50% that 10,000 share at 1$ each)

Further Explanation

The common stock dividend Distributable account is an same account the is owned by stockholders. Such an account is attributed for the claimed value that the share that room distributable as soon as the declaration of a share dividend is being tape-recorded and likewise until as soon as the stock is issued to the company"s stockholders.

However, a stock dividend distributable is not a liability because it is not paid with assets.

A share dividend is types of dividend that is approve by a firm to its shareholder while a dividend is seen to it is in cash payment authorize by service providers to their stockholders.

The several types of divided includes

Cash dividendProperty dividendScrip dividendLiquidating dividend

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