ULL is organized right into eight divisions of play. We think that youngsters enjoy the game most when they beat with youngsters of similar skills andability and also league period is figured out accordingly. Beginning with boy A,the divisions arenot strictly split by age and also players might be placed in a department that is above or below their age group.

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We create league period in accordance with national regulations, which develops a player's league period as the period he or she will turn between September first of the autumn Season and August 31st complying with the spring Season.

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If friend have details questions concerning any that the divisions below please call the ideal commissioner as provided here.

Pee Wee (4-6 Year Olds):
This is the first level the baseball available at ULL. The rules and regulations identify that that is a developmental division designed to foster successand certain a safe play environment. Pee Wee supplies softer, compression baseballs to encourage safety and confidence as players take it their very first steps into the baseball world. Players at the "pitcher" place will also wear love protectors due to their proximity come the batter. At this levelcoaches pitch from a knee a quick distance from house plate. Youngsters who carry out not put the ball into play after 3 swings will certainly hit native a tee (there room no strikeouts in urine Wee!).
As in every of our divisions, kids will tryout before being placed onto teams in stimulate to aid strike a compete balance across the league.We perform keep score at the urine Wee level;but ensuring the children are learning around baseball, having actually fun, and also abiding through the rule of fair play and also sportsmanship room the guiding principals that this department and the whole University tiny Leage community.
Coach pitch (7 & 8 Year Olds):
Coach Pitchis an instructional department focused top top player advancement and straightforward fundamentals such together throwing, catching and also hitting. Together the department name suggests, coaches proceed to pitch, however now indigenous a further distance and from a was standing position. Coach pitch is the leg from to pee Wee come Minors. At this level a difficult ball is provided and an ext rules start to it is in implementedas the level of play advances.
Minor A (9 & 10 Year Olds):
This is the very first kid pitch league offered at ULL and also will be made up primarily the 9 year olds moving up native coach pitch and also some 10 year olds that room just starting to beat baseball or need additional development. A solid emphasis is placed on development,understanding the the game, and also developing great baseball habits.After tryouts, players will be placed accordingly.
Minor AA (9 & 10 Year Olds):
The division is design for children that have played at the very least one year of boy pitch. The department emphasizes effort, teamwork, an essential play, and player development. The department will comprised primarily the 10 year olds. After ~ tryouts, players will be inserted accordingly.
Minor AAA (10 & 11 Year Olds):
This division will be consisted of primarily that 11 year olds. After tryouts, players will certainly be inserted accordingly. It's possible the minor AA & AAA departments will it is in combined.
Major (11 & 12 Year Olds):
Major is a highly competitive division comprised mainly of 12 year olds with a couple of 11 year olds the are ready for this level the play. Little League rules require a preferably of eight 12-year olds per team, through the remaining players to it is in league age 11.
Intermediate 50/70 (12 & 13 Year Olds):
This department is designed to present players to much more traditional baseball rules (loose bases, pick-offs, etc) and is play at bigger dimensions than tiny League (70' basepaths rather than 60' and also 50' mound fairly than 46'). Many 13 year olds will certainly play in this division along with any type of 12 year olds that wish come move right into a more traditional baseball experience.Games will certainly be play at ULL (we have retrofitted MLB ar to the correct dimensions) and other local small Leagues.Tryouts will be organized in this division.
Junior (14 Year Olds):
Junior introduces football player to "big field" dimensions and also games are played at local high schools. The department is primarily for 14 year olds v some 13 year olds. Tryouts will be hosted in this division.
Senior (15 & 16 Year Olds):
We have actually partnered through Arlington Southwest come offer senior ball to 15 & 16 year olds the aren't play high school baseball. Players must sign up through www.aswll.com and also indicate in the commenets section that you are a ULL player. All gamings will be played at MLK fields in Arlington.

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