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Final score: Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

Edinson Cavani to be the difference.

Uruguay outlasted Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal in your Round the 16 matchup top top Saturday, winning 2-1 and advancing to the world Cup quarterfinals for the very first time since 1970. The difference machine was Cavani, who scored a goal early in the an initial half after he combined with luis Suarez because that a gorgeous, field-spanning 1-2 that finished with the heading home at the earlier post.

The game then cleared up into what we can have supposed — Uruguay defending with numbers, Portugal pushing when they could. The game opened increase in the second fifty percent when Pepe nabbed one equalizer off a brief corner as soon as he caught Uruguay momentarily napping, getting alone into the six-yard box and also finishing off a clean chance.

Then it was Cavani again, this time top top a beautiful little bit of team play that resulted in the round landing ~ above his ideal foot top top the left edge of the box. He sent a curler back the various other way, absolutely perfectly hit, and also Uruguay had their lead again.

The enhance ended in disappointment in Cavani though, after he choose up what appeared to be a calf strain and was forced off the ar — helped by Cristiano Ronaldo in what was either a lovely minute of sportsmanship or the Portuguese star trying to hurry points along.

Uruguay have proven to be extremely dangerous enemy in this human being Cup, and also perhaps far better than any kind of other team have demonstrated a comfort and understanding in specifically what castle are and also exactly what they’re good at. They defend together, they continue to be organized, they have two strikers who take their chances. Lock will continue to it is in dangerous moving forward.


73’ — Cavani exits v an injury. He pulled up and seemed come be donate his calf, i m sorry is a total bummer as he was playing as well as I’ve ever before seen that play. Though us did have a lovely minute with Ronaldo helping him turn off the pitch.

Respect. #URUPOR pic.twitter.com/kd3GHcZZG4

— NBC sporting activities Soccer (
NBCSportsSoccer) June 30, 2018

62’ — URUGUAY GOAL and also CAVANI AGAIN. Uruguay 2 - Portugal 1.

A beautiful little bit of team passing, and it it s okay to Cavani ~ above the sheet of the box, who curls it through his appropriate foot into the net. That was GORGEOUS.

PURE. CLASS. Cavani one-times a curler into the back of the net to re-take the lead for Uruguay. Pic.twitter.com/JZhmTqE1s4

— FOX football (
FOXSoccer) June 30, 2018

This game has no appropriate to be this entertaining. I love this people Cup. I LOVE THIS human being CUP.

55’ — PORTUGAL got THEIR GOAL. It’s PEPE. Portugal 1 - Uruguay 1.

We required it and we obtained it! A rare screen of switching turn off from the Uruguay defense, who aren’t prepared for the short corner, and somehow leaving Pepe unmarked in the six-yard box.

Pepe equalizes because that Portugal!The defender finds himself cost-free in the box and also heads it residence to make it 1-1 through over 30 minutes left come play. Pic.twitter.com/oJbXZKuKwT

— FOX football (
FOXSoccer) June 30, 2018

51’ — for fans that compact team defense and also organization, this video game is a masterpiece. For united state philistines who simply want to check out beautiful, tasty goals, this is ... Not a masterpiece.

46’ — We’re turn off in the 2nd half. Can Portugal hope to failure this Uruguay defense?

45’ — HALFTIME. Uruguay 1 - Portugal 0.

I guess that nice to have a game go follow to manuscript after the lunacy that this morning. Uruguay got very early goal, climate clamped down. There’s to be nonsense from Suarez of the greatest order. Feels choose home.

31’ — Ronaldo has a cost-free kick on the edge of the box. The thighs come out, the shoot goes up ... However he doesn’t acquire the height he needs and it’s clogged by the Uruguay wall. Uruguay have their goal, and perhaps no other team in this competition is built better to defend a 1-0 lead. They do not care, and will do everything it takes to win.


Uruguay space not here for her viewing pleasure, and also never have been

7’ — goal URUGUAY. And IT’S CAVANI. Uruguay 1 - Portugal 0.

So lot for the 0-0 slog us were expecting! Cavani it s okay the ball on the right side the the field, fires a ball around 45 yards come Suarez, that traps that down. Bring away a couple of touches to obtain it on his ideal foot, and also fires a sphere back throughout to Cavani’s head. That finishes close to post, and we’ve obtained a video game ON.

ECavaniOfficial letal en el área, se desmarca y de cabeza vence a
Rui_Patricio1 y así lo cantó
sadovnik1965 #URU 1-0 #POR pic.twitter.com/z9915w7M0e

— Telemundo Deportes (
TelemundoSports) June 30, 2018

1’ — and we’re off. Portugal is put on white for some reason, and also it is make me foolish online. Give us the red vs. Blue clash!

Uruguay is sticking with the lineup that gained them here, but Portugal has made part minor changes. After a disappointed performance versus Iran, three new players come in. The scorer of remarkable goals and doer the very little else, Ricardo Quaresma, has actually been dropped. Goncalo Guedes, Bernardo Silva and Ricardo Pereira go back to the lineup.

Uruguay vs. Argentina lineups

We"ll shortly discover who will be playing #FRA in the #WorldCup quarter-finals...Here space your teams for #URUPOR! pic.twitter.com/qMfJPoEcVl

— FIFA human being Cup (
FIFAWorldCup) June 30, 2018

Portugal and Uruguay proceed play in the knockout phase as the 2nd game that the round of 16 come takes place on Saturday. The enhance is get for 2 p.m. ET at the Fisht stadium in Sochi, Russia, and you can watch it on FOX and Telemundo. Digital streaming is also obtainable in English v FOX sports Go below or in Spanish v Telemundo here.

The winner that this match will face France — who hosted off Argentina, 4-3, previously on Saturday — in the quarterfinals. Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal have currently had an ext success 보다 in the 2014 human being Cup, whereby they failure to acquire out of the group stage. Uruguay progressed to the round of 16 during the 2014 human being Cup, but was knocked out by a loss come Colombia.

Follow follow me for score updates as both teams shot to breakthrough and challenge the winner that France and also Argentina.

Portugal vs. Uruguay Time, TV channel, and also streaming info

Time: 2 p.m. ET

Location: Fisht Stadium, Sochi, Russia

TV: FOX (English), Telemundo (Spanish)

Streaming: clock the game on Fox sports Go (English) and also Telemundo Deportes en vivo (Spanish) for complimentary if you sign in through your TV provider. It’s likewise on subscription services like Fubo and Hulu.

Odds: EV (Full odds at OddsShark)

For listings from more countries, check out Live soccer TV.

Portugal vs. Uruguay news to read before kickoff

Uruguay are not below for her viewing pleasure, and never have been

Screw you. Yeah, you. Soccer fan, reading this, I’m talking to you. Do you think Uruguay’s 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia boring? carry out you think lock should have actually tried to score more? It no matter. You don’t matter, due to the fact that Uruguay is not below for you. They’re right here to shot to win the people Cup the best method they understand how, and that doesn’t involve winning over the masses v stylish play.

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It’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s last opportunity to prove whatever we currently know around him

Cristiano Ronaldo has actually won nearly everything in his career: The Ballon d’Or, human being Player that the Year, La Liga titles, Premier league titles, Champions organization titles, and a european Championship. There’s just one last thing he hasn’t winner yet: the civilization Cup. In fact, we’ve however to also really see Ronaldo in ~ his finest in a people Cup. In Russia, he’s making his fourth and also possibly last operation in a world Cup — the most necessary of his career.