With a mainly left of loss camp, the 2017 USC soccer depth graph will quickly be set. What will certainly the Trojan two-deep look at like as soon as it is exit this weekend?

The finish of loss camp means it’s time because that the USC soccer coaching staff to make hard decisions, deciding ~ above a depth chart ahead the the Trojans’ season opener against Western Michigan.

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As video game prep starts v a mock video game week following week, USC’s two-deep will be resolved over the weekend.

Will it be Toa Lobendahn or Nico Falah in ~ center? Who has separated us in the receiving corps? that will anchor USC’s defense at nose tackle?

Here’s a look at depth graph projections across every position in the Trojan lineup:

Alicia de Artola/Reign the Troy


Projected Starter: #14 Sam Darnold, RS-So.Backup:  #19 Matt Fink, RS-Fr.Redshirt: #13 Jack Sears, Fr.

There was a possibility that Jack Sears could make a push this fall and also overtake Matt Fink in the fight to be Sam Darnold’s backup in 2017. However, much more than noþeles Fink shows up to have solidified his ar as QB2.

Sears no doubt possesses some intriguing physics ability, yet Fink’s consistency outweighs the true freshman, who will be best served through a year to develop.

Either way, preserving Sears’ redshirt would certainly be worth giving Fink mop increase duties together Darnold’s backup, even if the elder player hadn’t earned the No. 2 job.

As that stands, Fink has earned it.

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At the top, yes no question. Darnold is USC’s starter and also a Heisman Trophy candidate. The Trojans will certainly go together Darnold walk in 2017.


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