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Couples go v a lot of ups and also downs. It is stated that in today’s ‘progressive’, modern-day society where both, the husband and also the wife have the liberty and also education to was standing on their own feet frequently fail to was standing by each other as the donate pillars the a marriage during hardships.

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A successful marriage is a prefer a cycle – without the assistance or absence of one wheel, the various other doesn’t function. Essentially, as soon as two human being tie the knot, they kind a beautiful union i m sorry requires continuous support, love, and companionship of every other.

Recently, one of Pakistan cricket team’s legend player resigned from the sport. The story of this player is a class in itself – he had a many ups and also downs in his career. He wasn’t provided the proper chances to excel yet when that was, he dominated everything through his excellence. His brilliance do Pakistan as the no. 1 team in test cricket and he himself broke a couple of records.

He Is None other Than Misbah Ul Haq!


One person who continues to was standing by Misbah Ul Haq through thick and thin is none other than his wife, Uzma Khan.

Twitter: Uzma Khan

In this heart-lifting post, Uzma khan expresses exactly how regardless of how the society blamed she for the downfall of her husband:

“At the start, he would provide me Rs 10,000 to run the house and also that used to be enough for us back then. And he obtained me a vehicle so the I might travel to university, wherein I to be doing my Masters, for this reason I always had flexibility too. But I did store hearing – though not from his friends and family – that he was never ever picked for the national team after our marriage, and it was my kismet that was bringing that down. In some subcontinental cultures, there is this idea that a bride brings she luck to her brand-new home. Therefore I would certainly blame myself for it. I would pray ~ Namaz, after ~ Tahajjud, the God gives him everything he had wished for. All ns prayed for to be for him come get earlier in the team.”

“At the start of 2007, he asked me to just offer him six months or so. He told me he didn’t desire to go to any kind of functions or weddings or birthdays. Simply wanted to focus on his cricket.

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Twitter: Uzma Khan

“He had bought me a Sony video clip camera for our anniversary the vault year. He would certainly take the camera come nets every day, document his batting, climate come home and also just walk to that day’s video during the night. That’s every he go every night. At that very same time he had put in our savings come buy a vehicle from someone, and that guy ran off through the money. The year Misbah was playing in England, and also I couldn’t go and also meet him because we just had Rs 17,000 in our account, and I didn’t recognize what to do. Very sewing he had actually to come ago earlier than scheduled from England. Since he had actually been selected because that the 2007 human being T20 camp.”

Through hardships, difficult work and consistent support from love ones, world see the finest in their life and also this is exactly what our favorite captain Misbah Ul Haq witnessed. He began from nothing, yet his mam was always there because that him. She stood by him when he had actually nothing, she stands through him when he has actually everything. Indeed, this anecdote mutual by Uzma khan is a life class which countless would discover fruitful. After all, sabr ka phal meetha hota hai.