Family male Season 16 episode 13 Review: V is for Mystery

Maybe family members Guy is simply trying out different things to check audience reaction. Probably the powers the be think we"re every bored through the exact same old dysfunctional illustration week after week.

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Maybe it"s the powers that be who are obtaining bored. 

Maybe what the powers that be need to do is cut the cord instead of trying come reinvent the wheel the none the us are interested in watching be reinvented.

It reminds me the Scooby Doo and its various incarnations come appeal to new audiences. It simply didn"t work. There"s nothing favor the classic.

The just incarnation that also came close to be Be Cool Scooby Doo, and also that series was prefer an homage to the classic due to the fact that their monsters to be very comparable to the monster from the originals.

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Stewie and Brian playing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to be interesting. I can"t say fun because I"m no that into British mysteries. Plenty of of castle are method too dry because that my taste.

But Stewie together Sherlock Holmes fits his personality. At least his detailed summary of exactly how he addressed his mysteries made feeling (and regular with the standard Holmes), unequal the garbage he spewed to the school psychologist top top "Send in Stewie, Please."

There to be plenty that classic jokes come fit right into this "classic" episode.


I especially appreciated the reference to the Tom Hanks classic movie, "Big" once Stewie and also Brian play "Heart and also Soul" via the bagpipes stuck in the gut of the dead hooker.

And i loved, loved, loved, the whole Love boat reference. I even snickered in ~ the chimney cleaners bit.

What wasn"t funny to be Cosby together the court jester. Why even give the guy any type of attention -- even in the kind of a slam on a show like household Guy?

Why stroked nerves going under that road?

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Even ago in the old days, Stewie was as resourceful together ever. The made a crazy hooker robot that unfortunately to be "killed" by Lois, but how come nobody noticed that his genius extended beyond solving murders?

I don"t know around anyone else, however it was straightforward to number out that Lois to be the culprit, however who guessed that Peter was, indeed, the Scottish Brute? 

Holmes to be right when he put Peter away, but Peter to be clever to acquire Lois to perform his dirty work so that he would obtain released indigenous prison. That"s a big surprise due to the fact that Peter is far from gift bright, however in a brothers mystery, even the crazy murderers have actually brains.


While the story to be slow-moving and also dry, the opening credit artwork was really fun. My favourite was Stewie hold the magnifying glass and the beam native the sunlight burning Brian"s bottom. I also liked Brian chasing after ~ the bubbles. 

I always laugh at Brian because he do the efforts so tough to it is in a advanced "human" but can"t to escape the fact that underneath it all, the is quiet a dog. Also when Stewie was operating his robot hooker, instead of being there come witness Constance trying to kill the robot, he remained in the alley chasing rats, because, well, that"s what dogs do.

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We didn"t fairly get response as to why hookers with names starting with "V" were obtaining killed uneven I missed it which is always a possibility since sometimes household Guy packs so much in it"s easy for some stuff to acquire overlooked.

And to be honest, i don"t treatment what the reason was. "V is for Mystery" might not have actually been the ideal episode of family Guy, however if friend look past the dryness of the story, there were plenty of enjoyable parts.

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And also if girlfriend hated it, you still have to admit that lot of the animation was rather beautiful. I wouldn"t psychic hanging few of those piece in mine TV room.