Aleister Black ongoing his leading NXT operation on Saturday night with a win over the Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver: WarGames, representing an additional step in his ascent to the height of the brand.

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Black is amongst NXT"s many compelling characters, and also he is maybe the many dangerous in-ring show it needs to offer together well.

The Netherlands native made the Velveteen Dream pay because that his mind games in Houston, however there are likely bigger matches and achievements in his future.

While black is certainly deserving of an NXT Championship run already, it shows up likely that drew McIntyre and also Adam Cole will certainly be stalwarts in that scene for the foreseeable future. Because of that, NXT has actually the deluxe of proceeding to slowly construct Black.

Having currently picked increase hard-hitting victories in ~ TakeOver events against the likes the Andrade "Cien" Almas and also Hideo Itami, Roderick strong is a reasonable next adversary leading approximately the takeover one night prior to the royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

Strong has somewhat struggled to build a character, however his in-ring job-related is undeniable, and also the potential is there for him and also Black come tear the home down with a great match.

Also, with solid teaming alongside The authors of Pain in ~ TakeOver: WarGames, the NXT writers can keep solid with Paul Ellering to add a darker next to his character that would certainly mesh well through Black"s gimmick.


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An obvious candidate to feud with Black because his NXT debut has been Sanity leader Eric Young. It hasn"t occurred yet, and also since Sanity is right now in a face role, it doesn"t show up to it is in on the radar.

Once Sanity finishes up its rivalry with The Undisputed Era and also The authors of Pain, however, the alternative to revolve heel again is ~ above the table.

Although Sanity is popular, NXT pan would rotate on the stable with relative ease if it decides come target black leading up to TakeOver in new Orleans prior to WrestleMania.

The develop to that complement would be dark, chilling and entertaining, and also beating Young would be the final test because that Black prior to graduating come the NXT Championship scene.

Assuming Cole is NXT champion by that point, he would be the perfect hoe foil to Black, especially since he would certainly enlist the aid of Kyle O"Reilly and Bobby Fish.

Since black color beat O"Reilly and Fish in their respective debut matches top top NXT, over there is currently a built-in storyline as well.

It is look at a foregone conclusion that black is destined because that the NXT title, however there are plenty of intriguing angles easily accessible to him before he finally takes his location as the confront of the brand.

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