‘Tis virtually 5 years due to the fact that the happen of one of the great country music legends of every time. Yes, behind the tune ofHe quit Loving her Today, When The Grass Grows end Me, The cool Tour, and also She Thinks ns Still Care, George Jones was one genius musician. And no one can deny that.

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George Jones wasn’t just a nation superstar. He to be an icon who truly lived the American dream.

The Possum was laid to remainder at the Grand Ole Opry House and will be substantially missed. George Jones passed far on April 26, 2013,at the age of 81.

During the funeral the Jones, some of the most famous names in the country music market joined and also paid tribute come the icon. Amongst them room Patty Loveless and also Vince Gill, who tribute to be an emotional one.

Loveless, Gill Tribute: “Go remainder High On the Mountain”

Singing your hearts out,emotionalPatty Loveless and also Vince Gill gavethe most heartfelt performance of the tune “Go remainder High on the Mountain.”At points in the song, Vince is so conquer with emotion, and also Patty has to take over.

As checked out in the audience,Garth BrooksandTrisha Yearwoodwere moved to your feet for Vince & Patty’s emotional tribute, while others space seen crying right into their tissues.

Vince Gill considers George Jones much more than a nation artist. The is his an excellent friend, brother, and also an idol.

This performance is just one of the most emotional tributes. One can not stand but to melted a tear.This performance specialized to the ultimate country singer is wonderful past words.

Simply Emotional. Patty Loveless and also Vince Gill do the many heartfelt “Go remainder High On that Mountain” in ~ George Jones Funeral.


George Jones: A country Legend

Born right into a poor family atthe begin of the good Depression, Jones required to singing on the roads for money together a child and then started to record country music in his 20’s. He to be inductedas aGrand Ole Opryperformer after creating his first hit in 1955 and also the remainder was history. He lived a long, thriving life, but when Jones passed far at period 81 inApril 2013, the hit the country music community very hard.

George Jones/billboard.com

For his funeral, it was just fitting come holdit at Jones’ home away indigenous how, the grand Ole Opry. Thousands flocked toNashvillefor his funeral and also many nation stars take it the stage to remember their idol. Nation superstar Vince Gill had a close relationship with Jones, who lovingly called him “Sweetpea”. Gill called Jones’ funeral attendees the he hated thenickname in ~ first, however it flourished on him, due to the fact that every time that heard it, that knew the person loved George Jones.

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