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Welcome earlier Nicole for a guest blog!9:03 N: Mike is getting very real appropriate away9:04 A: Seems like they didn"t get their partying ~ above enough throughout the first week, for this reason the men are gaining the party started!9:04 N: It"s Ozzy"s birthday tomorrow, ns wonder if he it s okay the exact same birthday current that Mike got9:05 N: MTV casting fail, people that don"t want to party and also act trashy? Tyler and also Taylor, sort of feel favor their names space too similar9:07 N: Confessional boner!!!9:07 A: Andre and Alicia headed to the boom Boom Room... Several chemistry going on9:10 N: It"s an obstacle time!9:12 A: The guys are walking to be tied to posts and the girls space going come tie them up and find them by smell.9:13 N:Tyler look at SOOOO disappointed the Hannah (8.2%) preferred his scent.9:14 A: Alicia find Andre (17.8%) because he smells favor Fritos!9:15 N:Kari studied neuroscience in college, clearly took notes... That"s why she winner this gain away date with Joey (8.2%).9:18 N:Shower show and tell time. Kam, you are looking.Truth Booth9:28 N: not shocking the it"s Andre and also Aliciaheaded to the reality Booth. These two are going come be devastated if they are not a match.9:30 A: No market this week to profession the fact booth for an extra $150,000 added to the prize. Let"s run those numbers anyway...Estimatedvalue of forfeiting truth booth because that $150,000: $1.54Estimatedvalue that going to the reality booth: $1.89Estimatedvalue of losing the reality booth: $1.62It"s precious trading the fact booth for approximately: $413,6919:34 A: No match! Brings us down to 5,540,084 combine remaining.

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9:35 A: currently Hannah trying to speak Alicia out of Andre.9:36 N: What"s a "mandle"?9:37 N: Alicia is not a happy camper. So numerous female eye rolls9:37 A: Hannah was simply trying to relocate in ~ above Andre as shortly as she could.Matchup Ceremony
9:45 A: many people choosing differently... This actually is a good strategy because that narrowing a many possibilities, yet risk that a blackout is high.9:47 A: Hilarious little bit by Michael (who watch a little like Kevin Love?) and also Hannah phone call Gianna Trump.Osvaldo - KariOzzy - KathrynJaylan - KamEdward - ShannonDerrick - AliciaHayden - TaylorAndre - HannahMichael - GiannaJoey - Carolina (repeat from episode 1)Mike - CasandraTyler - TyrannyBlackout odds: 36.0% (1,997,186 out of 5,540,084)Instant win possible: No, did no repeat two matchups from episode 1Maximum number of lights: 9Most likely number of lights: 110:00 A: Blackout!!! they lose half a million dollars and still have actually 1,997,186 possibilities left.AndreDerrickEdwardHaydenJaylanJoeyMichaelMikeOsvaldoOzzyTylerAliciaCarolinaCasandraGiannaHannahKamKariKathrynShannonTaylorTyranny


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