Ray J has actually been tough at work turning his organization venture Raycon into a an international enterprise. He"s balancing his duties as a singer-songwriter, producer, actor and also electronics mogul -- yet his number one job is as a dad and husband. He and also Princess Love Norwood room striving toward finding the appropriate work-life balance as both entrepreneurs expand their ever-growing empires.

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Princess Love Norwood has actually been loving her function as mommy to Melody and Epik. The wife and entrepreneur is likewise hard at job-related ensuring the success the her clothing line, Princess Love, while adding to her realm through she cosmetics line, Prella. Through multiple ventures and also competing schedules in between Princess and also her multihyphenate husband, the Norwoods are repetitively working to find the ideal balance.

For the very first time in a lengthy time, Moniece Slaughter is important happy and also living her ideal life. After year of self-examination, the singer-songwriter is doing every she deserve to to stay away indigenous the Hollywood drama. She"s concentrating on the rejuvenation of she music job -- but old actions die hard, and the temptation come lash the end at she rivals might prove too lot to resist.

The one-time "Princess that the Roc," Teairra Marí cutting board released her very first album in ~ the age of 16 and also has been grinding in Hollywood together an actress and also singer-songwriter ever since. In current years, she entertainment career has taken a backseat come alcohol-fueled personal problems, yet now, Teairra Mari is back. After a successful stint in rehab, she returns to "Love & hip Hop" with brand-new music, a new boyfriend and also a brand-new outlook top top life, however nothing is what that seems, and a high-profile crisis looks to it is in the ultimate check of her newfound resolve.

A indigenous of Los Angeles, Nicole "Miss Nikki Baby" Mudarris learned the arts of gift a ceo while functioning for the family business, a chain that burlesque clubs. Now, Nikki is managing her own business by launching her very own brand of lingerie, Nude by Nikki. A loyal friend, Nikki can frequently be found guiding she bestie, Teairra Marí Thomas, through her latest drama.

Actress, singer and also entrepreneur Masika Kalysha has appeared in over 50 music videos and performed alongside stars like Vivica A. Fox and Mekhi Phifer, but she"s probably best known as the mommy to Fetty Wap"s daughter Khari Barbie, a place that"s led to social media dispute with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy. Together a "momtrepreneur," Masika released a an extremely special cosmetic line for her daughter referred to as Khari Barbie Beauty. In addition, Masika proceeds acting, songwriting and also collaborating with height musicians, producers and industry hitmakers.
After a 15-year break, Fizz and also the remainder of the legendary R&B team B2K finally reunited for the very successful Millennium Tour. Even with a hectic multicity tourism schedule, group drama and swirling rumors around his love life, Fizz relished his return to the stage.
Soulja boy (born DeAndre Way) is a Grammy-nominated and BET Award-winning artist, and also a seasoned businessman, wielding all the hitmaking requirements: live entertainer, recording artist, music producer and also entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Soulja Boy has been a pioneer in music through being among the an initial to use the web to garner and also maintain a strong fan base, creating history in the music industry and innovating the means media is experienced.
Daughter the Grammy Award-winning producer, singer-songwriter and musician Teddy Riley, Nia Riley was born into Hollywood hip-hop royalty and also has discovered her own niche as a model and social media influencer. After year of on-again, off-again drama v rapper Soulja Boy, Nia is single and ready to have fun in L.A."s glamorous dating scene. Nia took a break from modeling after providing birth to she daughter, Kamryn, but is now seeking to go back to magazine covers while balancing motherhood and love.
Lyrica Anderson"s love for singing came from watching and also listening to she mother, Lyrica Garrett, who powerhouse vocals have a dash of soul and a sprinkle that magic. Lyrica is happiest in the studio functioning on her latest project. If her marital relationship to supervisor producer Floyd "A1" Bentley has produced some drama, she son ocean Bentley has given her much more resolve and purpose together she works tough at balancing her life together a wife, mother and also artist.
Hitmaker to superstars favor Chris Brown, French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign, Floyd "A1" Bentley is transitioning into a bona fide artist who"s cranking out bangers. After touring through Grammy Award-winning artist T-Pain, A1 is ready to step out together an elevation artist when overseeing his music label, Sound Entertainment. Balancing work and family in Hollywood appears to be A1"s biggest an obstacle yet. Despite the salacious headlines, A1 do the efforts to remain on top of his game, working things out through his wife, Lyrica Anderson, and also keeping his household intact.
Max Boyd a.k.a. Max Lux is a songwriter and also rapper based in Los Angeles. He started his career ghostwriting for a cable of significant artists and has written songs for artists such together Stevie Wonder, DeVante Swing, T-Pain, Flo Rida, T.I., Trey Songz, beam J, Lil" Kim, Diggy Simmons, and also many more. His enthusiasm for creating good music is his fuel to store going and keep pumping out hit after hit, including his single "Romeo must Die." Max is known to it is in a top-tier writer in the L.A. Underground scene and is taken into consideration to be an sector tastemaker. The is now set to take it on the rap world and truly is a force to it is in reckoned with.
Rapper, actress and also host, Brandi Boyd is an entertainment industry mover and shaker. The goddaughter the the late good superstar Whitney Houston, Brandi began out at the Lula Washington run School and also was soon appearing in nationwide commercials and films, and on TV shows, many notably, "For the Love of ray J," together cohost/advisor. A budding entrepreneur, Brandi introduced the Luv Indian Hair line and her own apparel line dubbed SMAC, a brand the empowers every people. In addition, Brandi started a nonprofit referred to as We space Immune in assistance of her sister, an ms survivor. Brandi has no intentions of avoiding now. Her rap duo, Queenz, is making huge moves and also gaining respect from industry greats. She is a force to it is in reckoned with and is definitely here to stay.
Willie Taylor is a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, author and also CEO of Noivak Music Group. Catapulted right into the spotlight after starring on Sean Love Combs"s fight MTV show "Making the band 4," Willie accomplished national success v R&B group Day26. In 2009, the singer appealed to the lovers as soon as he released his mixtape "Sextape" top top his Noivak Music label. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Willie has worked with plenty of artists consisting of Sean Love Combs, stack Ross, Babyface, Tank, Jeremih, and the perform goes on and on. In addition to his music talents, Willie is no stranger to the stage or screen, having actually starred in numerous stage plays and films. Willie got hometown acknowledgment in 2008 as soon as the Chicago suburb whereby he was raised called a street in his honor (Willie Taylor Ave).
Shanda Denyce Taylor to be born and raised in the Chicago area and also is among seven children. Influenced by she father, who was a drummer, producer and writer, Shanda collection out to end up being an artist and performer. Shanda met she husband, Willie Taylor, formerly of Day26, at the period of 16 as soon as he worked with she R&B/pop girl group, X"clusive. Putting her job on host while she elevated their 2 children, Shanda later on joined an additional girl team alongside Apryl Jones. The group didn"t work out, but Shanda got a an excellent friend in the process. After relocating come L.A. Through her family, Shanda is focused on make her note in the entertain industry.

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A listed entertainer famous for his laid-back Caribbean vibe, Safaree Samuels is best known as the executive, management producer on every one of Nicki Minaj"s albums. ~ the finish of his connection with Minaj, Safaree started to emphasis on follow his musical passion and also released a number of projects the were well-received, including his solitary "Can"t Lie" special Olaf. No stranger to the limelight, the Brooklyn native has actually made his means onto shows like "K. Michelle: mine Life" (which to be the highest-rated illustration of the display that season), and on Nick Cannon"s "Wild "N Out," an illustration that carried in the greatest ratings in the show"s history. Indigenous endorsement and product transaction to having Hollywood in ~ his beck and call, the is an ext than noticeable Safaree is a star who refuses to avoid shining.