TikTok has deleted a arsenal of videos found by the thedesigningfairy.com come be using a "sickening" anti-Semitic tune that gained more than 6.5 million views.

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The song surfaced on the application on Sunday and includes the lyrics: "We're walking on a trip to a place called Auschwitz, it's shower head time."

The an initial video to usage the song showed a large robot scorpion with a swastika attacking and killing people.

Auschwitz to be a Nazi death camp in a German-annexed part of Poland where much more than a million civilization died during people War Two, countless of lock in gas chambers after gift told they to be going to take a communal shower.

Nearly 100 users made decision the tune for their very own videos. One verified a personality from the computer system game Roblox that looks choose Hitler.



The arsenal of videos attracted the huge audience in less than 3 days prior to they to be removed.

"It was incredibly distressing to clock this sickening TikTok video aimed at children, showing a swastika-bearing robot grabbing and incinerating Jews, as the music poked funny at Jewish men, women and children being killed with poison gas in ~ Auschwitz," claimed Stephen Silverman, manager of investigations and also enforcement because that the Campaign versus Antisemitism.

"TikTok has a particular obligation to tackle this contents fast because it specialises in moving viral videos come children and young adults as soon as they are many impressionable, and yet our study has presented that tik has come to be one the the faster vectors for infection of mim mocking the Holocaust."


A spokeswoman said: "Keeping our customers safe is a height priority for TikTok, and our ar guidelines do clear what is no acceptable on our platform.

"We perform not tolerate any type of content that contains hate speech, and the sound in question, in addition to all linked videos, have actually now been removed. When we will certainly not capture every circumstances of inappropriate content, we are continuously enhancing our technologies and also policies to ensure TikTok remains a safe place for positive an imaginative expression.'"


Some experts think TikTok demands to do more to examine the content of videos before promoting them to a broader audience.

Michael Priem, chief executive, management of modern-day Impact said: "TikTok is not revealing your algorithms or strategy behind content. Yet it's widely thought that it's comparable to other typically used models that collect data top top our contents consumption and peers affected network.

"As details videos gain momentum the algorithm then promotes them more widely across the platform. Therefore the individuals intuitively questioning each other to 'help this walk viral'. The troubles rest climate on the contents filtering."

The user that posted the original video clip that started the meme appears to be a young teenager indigenous the UK. He did no respond to requests because that comment and also his account was still live at the moment of writing. He composed on his profile that he had acquired 12,000 brand-new followers after posting the video.

A very similar version of the video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015. It was posted on a little channel and gained 67,000 views in the nearly five years it was live. YouTube eliminated it after gift contacted by the thedesigningfairy.com.

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It is not clear where the track originated, however the imagery is indigenous a computer system game called Besiege that permits players to produce custom siege weapons.