This brief video clip explains the ideal time come visit Puerto Rico and avoid the annual hurricane season.Full-Screen variation | YouTube Caribbean Channel

March with July room the best times come visit Puerto Rico, although other months likewise have appeal. September through November are the worst times.

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March is the most renowned month come visit. Yet it likewise is generally the many crowded at major tourist attractions favor Old mountain Juan. Prices will most likely rise together well.

April will have fewer crowds, warmer temperatures and also only slightly much more rain. May is not as great because of a short rainy season.

The next best months to visit Puerto Rico are June and July when typical rainfall is around four inches, temperatures space warm enough for swimming and also crowds space usually moderate in size.

Monthly travel Statistics


The graph to the right has actually statistics native the Caribbean Travel company showing the most popular and least famous months to visit Puerto Rico.

They clearly show the most famous month come visit is March and the least popular is September.

The surge in March visits is largely since of a jump in cruise visits and visits from households with children on spring break from schools.

December through February additionally show high numbers due to the fact that many west Caribbean cruises begin in mountain Juan throughout that time period. Part Caribbean cruises begin in mountain Juan while others include San Juan as a port of call.

September shows a steep decline because the month is the most energetic time the the annual Caribbean hurricane season. October and November also are part of the hurricane season and show low numbers of travellers as well. These room the worst time to visit Puerto Rico.

Dry Season / merganser Season

Another factor why January v March are so renowned is the reality that those months are part of the island’s dry season.

The typical rainfall during that period is about two to 3 inches every month, follow to statistics native the U.S. Nationwide Weather Service. It’s the shortest rainfall the the year.


By comparison, the mean monthly rainfall reaches much more than 5 inches native August through October and six inch in November. They room the worst months to visit Puerto Rico.

The island also has a short rainy season in may when median rainfall reaches six inches again.

Temperatures space usually no an worry during any month of the year. Median highs remain in the mid-80s Fahrenheit and also high 20s Celsius and also vary just a few degrees each month.

Average short temperatures—mostly at night—reach 70 levels Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius in months like January and also February. Those low temperatures may make swim chilly and uncomfortable during the winter, specifically in the winter.

For that reason, the finest time to visit Puerto Rico for beach lover is April, June and also July.

Puerto Rico Weather through Month


Not surprisingly, January is among the coldest months of the year in Puerto Rico. An typical daytime temperature the 84 degrees Fahrenheit in mountain Juan sounds warm enough, yet nighttime temperatures may drop right into the low 60s.


February weather in Puerto Rico is no much far better than January except for rain. That wins the compensation for reaching the lowest point of the year. Tourism choose up slightly.


Puerto Rico tourism reaches the highest allude of the year in March, in big part due to the fact that of spring break native school. Yet it also means more crowds top top beaches and higher prices in ~ hotels.


Puerto Rico temperature in April are higher than any kind of of the four previous months. Median daytime temperatures reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Night and water temperatures become much more comfortable. This is the best month the the year to visit Puerto Rico for anyone that likes beaches.


Temperatures in May boost slightly, yet rainfall jumps come an median of six inches a month, according to 30 year of data indigenous the U.S. Nationwide Weather Service. The dried season concerns an end. It’s among the worst month of the year to visit Puerto Rico. Tourist still flock to the island anyway.


Historically, June is just one of the much better months come visit Puerto Rico for beach lovers because average daytime temperatures with 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Average rainfall drops to 4 inches, which is still a little high however not almost as negative as May and also July v December.


June is the start of the Caribbean hurricane season, but the median monthly rainfall in Puerto Rico doesn’t start to climb until July. Daytime temperatures remain at their optimal of the year in ~ 89 Fahrenheit. However July is far from the worst month to visit.


Rainfall in san Juan in august jumps to five inches, when daytime temperatures continue to be the exact same as June and also July. The threat of bad weather is lot higher. Travel starts come drift down.


The number of vacation tourists to Puerto Rico plunges to the lowest allude of the year in September. This month is the worst month of the year throughout the Caribbean hurricane season. But average rainfall and also temperatures space no various than August. It’s a good month for cheap hotel prices because that anyone ready to take it a opportunity with the weather.


Rainfall in October climbs to the 3rd highest level that the year, making it a risky month to vacation on the island. It’s the second worst month for tourism, i beg your pardon again way that countless hotel prices will drop.


Unlike many other Caribbean islands, November rather than September is the worst month because that rain in mountain Juan and Puerto Rico. The is about tied through May. Tourism starts to climb back to typical levels anyway.


December has the second highest level the tourism because that the year ~ March. Many families are on rest from school. Northerners additionally get far from cold weather throughout the holidays. But temperatures with the very same low level the the year as January through March. Rainfall is over average at more than four inches historically.

Vacation Weather Planning

Puerto Rico is both a major cruise destination and also a well-known Caribbean island for longer term stays. Yet the best months come visit aren’t always the many popular.

An important component of planning any kind of vacation in Puerto Rico is figuring out the ideal time come go. Caribbean weather fads that deserve to dump rain ~ above islands some months and also be fairly dry at various other times

Besides planning for an excellent weather, some world have various views ~ above the best times to go based upon prices, crowds, kids in school and also other factors. But in general, the ideal times to visit Puerto Rico space winter with mid summer. The worst times are late summer to so late fall.

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But even during these times, part months are better or worse than others. Tourism statistics and historical weather patterns aid reveal part answers. They make it easier to make part planning decisions.