Fantasy football drafts room finished, and also it"s time to obtain your lineups collection for week 1 of the 2017 NFL season through our finish player rankings.

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For the last three months, every rankings perform you've seen has actually been v the full season in mind. Through the season now upon us, all the changes. Our an initial weekly rankings may resemble our season-long rankings, v players like Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson and also Antonio Brown in ~ the top, but the idea behind castle is different. Fantasy football is a weekly game, the cumulative outcomes of which give us league champions.

You have to win at the very least seven the these next 13 main to have a shot in ~ the playoffs, and also then 2 or three more times come hoist your league's trophy. The 30,000-foot check out we took all summer is now narrowed down right into a weekly focus. It's time to acquire started on the path to the playoffs v our mainly 1 rankings.

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