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Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season is here, and also with it come a new set the fantasy football lineup questions. Fortunately, SN NFL writer Vinnie Iyer is earlier for one more season of "The Decider," a weekly start "em, sit "em advice tower that will you assist you acquire your lineups right. If friend making lineup decision for your drafted team(s) just isn"t enough for you, we likewise have DFS tips because that those who desire really desire to drive themselves crazy deciding that to begin when nearly every player in the league is available. 

It"s tough to advice matchups and project usage in main 1. Obviously, there"s a lot we don"t know, for this reason the finest we have the right to do is make notified decisions based on a variety of factors (recent performance, offseason acquisitions, talent, historical coaching tendencies, etc.). For some players, especially committee backs, touches will be extremely challenging to project, so if possible, protect against those cases all together. 

WEEK 1 conventional RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | vast receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Most owner will simply opt to begin the players they drafted an initial at every position. There"s nothing wrong, however don"t be afraid to pat the matchups a little, especially if it"s v a guy who"s a more secure bet because that touches and targets. 

WEEK 1 PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | vast receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Fantasy Football mainly 1 start "Em: Quarterbacks

QB must-starts

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (vs. CLE)Kyler Murray, Cardinals (at TEN)Lamar Jackson, Ravens (at LV)Tom Brady, Buccaneers (vs. DAL)Aaron Rodgers, Packers (at NO in JAX)Josh Allen, bills (vs. PIT)Dak Prescott, Cowboys (at TB)Russell Wilson, Seahawks (at IND)

Stronger starts

Jalen Hurts, Eagles (at ATL).

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harms steps right into a an excellent opening matchup under new offensive-minded coach Nick Sirianni. He will find ways come do damages in the dome through air and also by land.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans (vs. ARI). Tannehill isn"t necessarily an every-week play, yet this feels favor a high-scoring affair duel v Murray.

Matt Ryan, Falcons (vs. PHI). Ryan loves play at home and also will be looking for instant success against his hometown team. The Eagles aren"t well developed to sheathe his height targets.

Kirk Cousins, Vikings (at CIN). Cousins should easily hit 250 yards and also two TDs playing off the to run game against a Bengals" defense that"s boosted in some locations but still weak on the backend.

Joe Burrow, Bengals (vs. MIN). A healthy Vikings" defense need to get ago to a more respectable level under Mike Zimmer, however not in ~ first. Burrow should be busy throwing come his top trio of tools to store up through Cousins and his duo.

Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars (at HOU). The Texans" defense in 2021 is a perfect way for a rookie No. 1 overall pick to acquire indoctrinated in the NFL. Lawrence should supply a solid-to-spectacular debut through his arm and legs.

DFS bargains

Baker Mayfield, Browns (at KC, $7,100 top top FanDuel, $5,900 on DraftKings). Mayfield is the many underrated fantasy QB going right into the season and also will supply a solid video game with the manuscript opposite Mahomes calling for ample passing v a few big plays and multiple scores.

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers (at DET, $6,900 top top FanDuel, $5,500 top top DraftKings). Trey Lance would certainly be a cheap must-start right here should san Francisco go v the rookie in the opener over Jimmy G., yet regardless, this a great road matchup because that the travellers to light it up playing off the run.

Streamer special

Tyrod Taylor, Texans (vs. JAX). This is Tayor-made for part garbage points through two stinky AFC southern defenses ~ above the field. He need to throw often to counter Lawrence and is great for some decent rushing manufacturing filling in because that Deshaun Watson.

WEEK 1 FANTASY: Sleepers | Busts

Fantasy Football mainly 1 Sit "Em: Quarterbacks

Weaker starts

Justin Herbert, Chargers (at WAS). This is rough sophomore-opening trip versus Chase Young and also Washington"s swarming defense, especially while trying to run for the very first time as soon as it counts in a new offense.

Matthew Stafford, Rams (vs. CHI). Stafford has a up-and-down track record versus the Bears" defense, and also his prime-time stats are far from sublime. This also feels prefer a physical, lower-scoring Sunday night game with L.A. Leaning on Sony Michel, Darrell Henderson, and also the running game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington (vs. LAC). counting on minimal Fitzmagic in the opener, together Brandon Staley gets the Chargers" pass defense to display plenty of energetic energy in his coaching debut.

Tua Tagovailoa, dolphins (at NE). Tua vs. Mac Jones will certainly be a protective slugfest rather of an Alabama celebration through Bill Belichick and also Brian Flores scheming in the very same AFC eastern matchup.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (at BUF). Roethlisberger will open a rough and perhaps final season in Pittsburgh with huge lumps versus the Bills" happen rush and back-seven coverage.

Derek Carr, Raiders (vs. BAL). save the Carr parked together the Ravens" defense will reason him to fold Monday night in Vegas.

Zach Wilson, jets (at CAR). He"s making this list due to the fact that soon he will be in consideration for deep-league streaming. His debut matchup is a tiny tougher 보다 Lawrence"s top top the road against a defense with playmakers on every level.

Deep traps

Jameis Winston, Saints (vs. GB in JAX). Winston has actually some reasoning he deserve to duplicate several of his high-TD, high-INT fantasy relevance of his 2019 season in Tampa Bay, however Green Bay"s pass defense is legitimate and new Orleans need to want to attack heavily on the floor in a neutral-site game.

Carson Wentz, Colts (vs. SEA). He"s been hurt again. He"s been on the COVID-19 list. He"s walk in rusty with his new team"s offense with restricted weapons. Despite some seemingly favorable numbers, don"t take the bait here.

WEEK 1 DFS LINEUPS: DraftKings | Yahoo | FanDuel

Fantasy Football week 1 begin "Em: running backs

RB must-starts

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers (vs. NYJ)Dalvin Cook, Vikings (at CIN)Alvin Kamara, Saints (vs. GB in JAX)Derrick Henry, Titans (vs. ARI)Antonio Gibson, Washington (vs. LAC)Nick Chubb, Browns (at KC)Aaron Jones, Packers (at NO in JAX)Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys (at TB)Saquon Barkley, Giants (vs. DEN)Najee Harris, Steelers (at BUF)Austin Ekeler, Chargers (at WAS)James Robinson, Jaguars (at HOU)Joe Mixon, Bengals (vs. MIN)Jonathan Taylor, Colts (vs. SEA)Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs (vs. CLE)David Montgomery, bear (at LAR)Chris Carson, Seahawks (at IND)Miles Sanders, Eagles (at ATL)Mike Davis, Falcons (vs. PHI)Kareem Hunt, Browns (at KC)

Stronger starts

Raheem Mostert and Trey Sermon, 49ers (at DET). san Francisco won"t be providing up its committee for Kyle Shanahan early, yet let"s hope it will at least largely narrow it under to these two. The Lions" run defense still stinks, and also the video game script should be favorable for big ground chances, through Mostert as an RB2 and Sermon together a flex.

Ty"Son Williams, Ravens (at LV). Baltimore"s backfield, in an unbelievable turn of poor luck, has watched J.K. Dobbins go down and the Gus (Edwards) Bus breakdown with knee injuries. Le"Veon Bell or Latavius Murray will certainly be the next man up because that depth, but for now, Williams elevates indigenous No. 3 into a busy function supporting Lamar Jackson v a positive game script in the second half.

Sony Michel, Rams (vs. CHI). The Rams walk after Michel to usage him in a key role for Sean McVay"s run-first offense. He"s the male the coach should trust many in the backfield the end of the gate. Intend Michel to score at the very least one brief TD top top Sunday night.

Chase Edmonds, Cardinals (at TEN). You"re no trusting James Conner at all in Arizona"s style of offense, however Chase is a worthy search as a flex in Nashville.

Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette, Buccaneers (vs. DAL). their weekly worths are limited in various ways through the existence of each other and also receiving ago Giovani Bernard. You need to pick spots to use them, and versus a new-look Cowboys defense clean up behind Tom Brady"s monster passing video game makes sense, but more as flexes than RB2s.

DFS bargains

David Johnson, Texans (vs. JAX, $5,700 ~ above FanDuel, $5,700 on DraftKings). DJ is a shaky season-long option since Phillip Lindsay or note Ingram or Rex Burkhead could become the many counted-on upon option in a shaky Houston to run game. But Johnson wasn"t bad last season and will take advantage of this simple opener to placed up pleasing merged numbers.

Damien Harris, Patriots (vs. MIA, $5,800 ~ above FanDuel, $5,200 on DraftKings). Harris should acquire a ton of job-related as the true Alabama centerpiece of new England"s run-leaning violation over Mac Jones. Look for high volume through a floor that 80 full yards and also a score together the soil is the far better way to attack the Dolphins anyway.

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Fantasy Football mainly 1 Sit "Em: to run backs

Weaker starts

D"Andre Swift, Lions (vs. SF). Swift can struggle at times in tougher matchups with video game scripts no going in his favor and also receiving work only helping through his stats so much. He likewise goes right into the video game trying to play through a preseason groin injury.

Darrell Henderson, Rams (vs. CHI). Henderson to be a juicy draft target ideal after electronic came Akers (Achilles") go down, however now it"s buyer and deployer beware due to the fact that of Michel"s presence and Henderson"s constant durability issues.

Josh Jacobs and also Kenyan Drake, Raiders (vs. BAL). do you really want to figure out how the Raiders will misuse both backs in a tricky home spot against the Ravens? No, girlfriend don"t.

Myles Gaskin, dolphin (at NE). Gaskin will still obtain the most touches end Malcolm Brown and speedy change-of-pace Salvon Ahmed in this game and also over the food of the season, however expect the Patriots to take him away an initial and do Tua shot to beat your fine second downfield.

Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon, Broncos (at NYG). Williams have to be a stud with time breaking out of this committee, however the Giants" operation defense is sneaky good. See how this case plays out before committing come one even as a flex.

Zack Moss and also Devin Singletary, bills (vs. PIT). This is the premier committee to protect against in a pass-happy offense where Josh Allen will certainly still perform plenty the running. This is an especially true versus the Steelers" defense.

Tevin Coleman and also Michael Carter, jets (at CAR). do you want to shot to figure out what Mike LaFleur is thinking for the new-look running game in week 1? Avoid this situation until there"s much more clarity ~ above usage.

Fantasy Football mainly 1 begin "Em: vast receivers

WR must-starts

Davante Adams, Packers (at NO in JAX)Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (vs. CLE)Calvin Ridley, Falcons (vs. PHI)Stefon Diggs, bills (vs. PIT)DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals (vs. TEN)Justin Jefferson, Vikings (at CIN)A.J. Brown, Titans (vs. ARI)DK Metcalf, Seahawks (at IND)Terry McLaurin, Washington (vs. LAC)Mike Evans, Buccaneers (vs. DAL)Chris Godwin, Buccaneers (vs. DAL).Keenan Allen, Chargers (at WAS)Allen Robinson II, bear (at LAR)CeeDee Lamb, Cowboys (at TB)Robert Woods, Rams (vs. CHI)Amari Cooper, Cowboys (at TB)Julio Jones, Titans (vs. ARI)Adam Thielen, Vikings (at CIN)Cooper Kupp, Rams (vs. CHI)Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers (at DET)Ja"Marr Chase, Bengals (vs. MIN)Tee Higgins, Bengals (vs. MIN)Odell Beckham Jr., Browns (at KC)Tyler Lockett, Seahawks (at IND)D.J. Moore, Panthers (vs. NYJ)

Stronger starts

Robby Anderson, Panthers (vs. NYJ). Anderson gets a nice "revenge" game in main 1 versus his former team after ~ a solid an initial season in Carolina. Plus, the Jets" second stinks enough to think he will be busy rejoined with Sam Darnold v a big-play TD possible.

Tyler Boyd, Bengals (vs. MIN). Chase and also Higgins have plenty of external hype, however don"t forget about the dependable Boyd doing good work because that Burrow in the slot.

Jerry Jeudy, Broncos (at NYG). Jeudy benefits substantially from Teddy Bridgewater starting, and also his adaptability will keep him liven in a tricky matchup in new York.

Deebo Samuel, 49ers (at DET). This will be a scoring fest because that the Niners, so get as countless as friend can within reason right into your lineups.

Brandin Cooks, Texans (vs. JAX). Cooks is constantly a sneaky good producer where he plays, whoever his QB is. Taylor should target the often, and the Jaguars can"t really cover him.

Antonio Brown, Buccaneers (vs. DAL). ab should join Evans and also Godwin in the Brady fun.

Laviska Shenault Jr. And Marvin Jones Jr., Jaguars (at HOU). that will finish up as the top Jaguars" fantasy recipient 2021? Hint: His surname is below. But these guys likewise will be pretty an excellent for Trevor Lawrence in much more favorable matchups, through Shenault needing volume off his much shorter passes and Jones needing some huge plays.

DFS bargains

DJ Chark, Jaguars (at HOU, $6,100 on FanDuel, $5,800 on DraftKings). Chark and Lawrence is the top combination for Jacksonville, and the price is very nice to attack a shaky secondary. Also, take into consideration a Chark attack stack through Lawrence.

Michael Pittman Jr., Colts (vs. SEA, $5,300 top top FanDuel, $4,100 top top DraftKings). Pittman will certainly get key targets early on with no T.Y. Hilton (neck) and the tight ends in flux. Carson Wentz will must throw to someone frequently opposite Russell Wilson.

DeVonta Smith, Eagles (at ATL, $5,300 on FanDuel, $4,500 top top DraftKings). smith or Jalen Reagor are good tournament targets this week v some big-play capacity against the Falcons" weak pass defense in a comfortable road atmosphere for Jalen Hurts.

Fantasy Football week 1 Sit "Em: large receivers

Weaker starts

Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, and also JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers (at BUF). The Steelers" passing game can"t be reliable in this poor matchup with large Ben rusty and also the team ready to it is in run-heavy v Najee Harris.

Kenny Golladay, Giants (vs. DEN). over there won"t be any kind of reason to celebrate Golladay"s debut for huge Blue versus a revamped Broncos" an additional behind a stronger pass rush because that Vic Fangio.

Courtland Sutton, Broncos (at NYG). Sutton will likely see James Bradberry outside coming turn off a season shed to knee injury. Oh, and a weak-armed passer at QB. So, no thanks.

Corey Davis, jets (at CAR). Davis and also Zach Wilson deserve to be a fertile combination, but the Panthers" happen rush and an additional will make it tough for an immediate splash.

Jarvis Landry, Browns (at KC). He"s a low-upside pat opposite OBJ, and that could be true every week provided the new depth of tools in Cleveland.

Michael Gallup, Cowboys (at TB). The Bucs" happen rush will limit the field-stretching damage as Lamb and Cooper are much an ext involved in catchup mode for Dak Prescott.

Deep traps

All dolphins (at NE). The Patriots" second is tricky for this new-look receiving corps, and DeVante Parker and Jaylen Waddle won"t acquire support from suspended will certainly Fuller illustration coverage attention.

All Ravens (at LV). Rookie first-rounder Rashod Bateman (core) is on the shelf and also "Hollywood" won"t need come do lot in Vegas. This also applies to all Raiders wideouts in the same game.

All Saints (vs. GB in JAX). Marquez Callaway has actually a lot of of external big-play hype v Winston, sufficient where he can see Jaire Alexander. You likewise aren"t thinking about Tre"Quan blacksmith here either.

Fantasy Football week 1 start "Em: chop ends

TE must-starts

Travis Kelce, Chiefs (vs. CLE).George Kittle, 49ers (at DET).Darren Waller, Raiders (vs. BAL).Mark Andrews, Ravens (at LV).Kyle Pitts, Falcons (vs. PHI). Dallas Goedert, Eagles (vs. ATL).Logan Thomas, Washington (vs. LAC)T.J. Hockenson, Lions (vs. SF).Noah Fant, Broncos (at NYG).Robert Tonyan, Packers (at NO in JAX)

Stronger starts

Tyler Higbee, Rams (vs. CHI). Higbee gets to be the veteran male by self in L.A. And also should have immediate influence as a 3rd target because that Stafford.

Jonnu Smith, Patriots (vs. MIA). smith got an ext work in the preseason than the Patriots" various other veteran tight end addition, and also it will show in connecting well with Mac Jones, that will protect against the perimeter coverage.

Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers (vs. DAL). Gronk is tied to have actually a score together he celebrates more ring-winning fun v Brady.

Jared Cook, Chargers (at WAS). He has actually been underrated every preseason, and also he will be a crucial target for Justin Herbert versus a tough second and pass rush.

DFS bargain

Austin Hooper, Browns (vs. KC, $5,100 ~ above FanDuel, $4,000 on DraftKings). Hooper need to be a lot an ext involved in the violation this season together the Browns" passing video game expands and also the matchup calls because that solid looks from Baker Mayfield. He deserve to scratch out five captures for 50 yards and also a feasible score in the opener.

Fantasy Football main 1 Sit "Em: tight ends

Weaker starts

MIke Gesicki, dolphin (at NE). Gesicki won"t be as vital to the violation this season through the vast receiver changes, and this matchup is negative for starters.

Hunter Henry, Patriots (vs. MIA). Henry"s to let go time will capture up come him together he sees much more of a vital run-blocking role at first.

Gerald Everett, Seahawks (at IND). Everett has gotten plenty the hype far from Higbee, however the Colts are an excellent against the position, so take it a wait-and-see approach.

Eric Ebron, Steelers (at BUF). Ebron is always a candidate for a cheap score in the red zone, however he likely will see much less of those chances since of Najee Harris.

Fantasy Football main 1 start "Em: Defenses

Defense must-starts

Rams (vs. CHI)49ers (at DET)Patriots (vs. MIA)Washington (vs. LAC)Chargers (at WAS)Ravens (at LV)Broncos (at NYG)Buccaneers (vs. DAL)

Stronger starts

Packers (at NO in JAX). wherein there"s a Winston vs. A an excellent pass defense, there are interceptions.

Dolphins (at NE). Miami have the right to make that a turbulent debut because that Mac Jones in part form.

Panthers (vs. NYJ). Carolina deserve to make the a rough debut because that zach Wilson in part form.

Giants (vs. DEN). There deserve to be some troubled Bridgewater against another underrrated unit ~ above the road.

Seahawks (at IND). There should be some large plays because that the taking against Carson Wentz.

DFS bargain

Bills (vs. PIT, $3,600 ~ above FanDuel, $2,500 top top DraftKings). Ben Roethllsberger may soon be profiling prefer Winston in one more way.

Fantasy Football mainly 1 Sit "Em: Defenses

Weaker starts

Colts (vs. SEA). Not against Russ.

Steelers (at BUF). Not against Josh.

Saints (vs. GB). Not against A-Rod.

Vikings (at CIN). Not against Burrow.

Chiefs (vs. CLE). Not against Baker.

Browns (at KC). Not versus Patrick.

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