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The 2015 bowl season"s last non-title bout featured two teams that were clearly on the undercard in Arizona State and West Virginia. The sunlight Devils and Mountaineers combined to present that formats make fights in a wild Cactus bowl anyway, through West Virginia stop on late for a 43-42 win.

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Skyler Howard set brand-new Cactus Bowl documents with 532 happen yards and five touchdowns, and West Virginia hosted off one final charge indigenous the sun Devils in the 4th quarter of a game that see-sawed ago and forth.

West Virginia recorded an Immaculate Reception-esque capture in the first quarter, yet that was every by forget by the 2nd half, specifically after a blocked point-after turned right into two points for Arizona State just prior to halftime. By night"s end, there had actually been controversial replay reviews benefiting both teams, a timeout prior to a kickoff, two heated sideline arguments between Arizona State head coach Todd Graham and also special groups coordinator Shawn Slocum, a beat on i beg your pardon a referee gave a player who drew a flag because that being hit late a forearm shiver, a touchdown record by David Sills -- the player that infamously committed to USC and also Lane Kiffin together a seventh-grader and quarterback -- and a baffling decision to walk for one increase five.

Oh, and four touchdowns of 30 or much more yards. Those, too.

The Cactus key was the final true bowl video game of the 2015 season, with following week"s university Football Playoff championship video game counting as something different. And also it made up for a bunch that snoozers.

Three things to know

1. Dana Holgorsen quiet doesn"t quite have a defense. He may have his job into the 2016 season, however Holgorsen"s Mountaineers were more or less defenseless versus Arizona State, providing up 42 points and also over 500 yards regardless of shutting down the sun Devils ~ above the ground. And also this to be Holgorsen"s finest defense because his come in Morgantown, one that allowed just 23.2 point out per game coming into Saturday night despite, girlfriend know, playing versus the large 12.

It"s possible that West Virginia can still success the big 12 there is no an upstream defense, specifically if Holgorsen -- who claimed "I want to success this video game pretty bad," and touted this 2015 team as the best one West Virginia"s had since joining the big 12 -- deserve to make Howard also better. It"s easier, though, to win games with the brilliant violation Holgorsen is known for and a defense of the type his regimen hasn"t however fielded.

2. Todd Graham isn"t trending upward at the moment. The sun Devils" head coach has hopscotched the nation to get to the huge chair in Tempe, however after being a center attractive coaching candidate in 2014, his sun Devils developed just his 2nd losing season in 10 yards the FBS coaching by losing this game. And also the method in i m sorry Graham tackled the fourth quarter will certainly rankle fans: Arizona State took a timeout prior to a kickoff for some reason, climate kicked an extra point up 41-36, which enabled West Virgina to take it the command on its last score.

Graham"s offense didn"t really suffer in spite of losing offensive coordinator Mike Norvell to Memphis, but the sunlight Devils couldn"t avoid Howard or gain off the ar when they essential to in third and long instances in the 4th quarter. And 2016 will note his an initial time make it come a 5th season v a school, impede something unforeseen. It could be a transforming point because that the program and also his career.

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3. Bowl games are better with two competent offenses. The Mountaineers and also Sun Devils took slightly different routes to your points top top Saturday: West Virginia loaded up and fired deep, mixing in draws, when Arizona State made an excellent use the Tim White (who had actually 289 all-purpose yards) ~ above horizontal passes. Both teams, however, had actually an idea as to what they to be doing top top offense, which created a shootout that was far an ext entertaining than plenty of of 2015"s an ext dreary bowls. Much more matchups prefer this one, please.