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A knife has actually a manage and also a blade. A spoon has actually a take care of and also a... Bowl? A fork has a handle and... Spikes? Prongs?

I guess this can be extended to more esoteric cutlery such as sporks.



A spoon has actually a bowl.A fork merges at its neck into a root moving prongs or tines

Source: Visual dictionary digital 1 and 2




the hollow of a spoon




More mainly, the part of any type of implement that perdevelops its feature is well-known as the company end.

Merriam-Webster:he end via, from, or with which a thing"s function is fulfilled

American Heritage Dictionary:The part of a weapon or tool, generally at the front, that inflicts damages or perdevelops job-related.

In Dutch we called the pointy finish of the fork the "teeth". Wikipedia likewise lists this usage in thedesigningfairy.com with respect to pitchforks (emphasis by editor):

Tines (additionally tynes), prongs or teeth are parallel or branching spikes creating components of a tool or organic object.

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Tines may be blunt, such as those on a fork used as an eating utensil; or sharp, as on a pitchfork; or also barbed, as on a trident.

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