Even You deserve to Learn Statistics: A overview for Everyone that Has ever before Been afraid of Statistics Learn much more Buy
Even You deserve to Learn Statistics: A guide for Everyone who Has ever before Been afraid of Statistics Learn more Buy

1.2 The Branches of Statistics

Two branches, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, make up the field of statistics.

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Descriptive Statistics

CONCEPT The branch the statistics that concentrates on collecting, summarizing, and presenting a set of data.

EXAMPLES The average age of citizens that voted because that the winning candidate in the critical presidential election, the average size of every books around statistics, the sport in the weight of 100 box of grain selected native a factory\"s production line.

INTERPRETATION You are most most likely to be acquainted with this branch that statistics, because many instances arise in everyday life. Descriptive statistics forms the communication for analysis and conversation in such varied fields together securities trading, the social sciences, government, the health and wellness sciences, and professional sports. A general familiarity and also widespread ease of access of descriptive methods in numerous calculating devices and business software application can regularly make using this branch the statistics it seems to be ~ deceptively easy. (Chapters 2 and 3 warning you of the common pitfalls of using descriptive methods.)

Inferential Statistics

CONCEPT The branch that statistics the analyzes sample data to attract conclusions about a population.

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EXAMPLE A survey that sampled 2,001 full-or part-time workers ages 50 come 70, performed by the American association of retired Persons (AARP), found that 70% the those polled planned to job-related past the classic mid-60s retirement age. By using methods discussed in section 6.4, this statistic can be used to attract conclusions around the populace of all workers periods 50 to 70.

INTERPRETATION as soon as you usage inferential statistics, you start with a hypothesis and look to view whether the data are constant with the hypothesis. Inferential statistical methods deserve to be conveniently misapplied or misconstrued, and many inferential methods require the use of a calculator or computer. (A full explanation of common inferential methods appears in Chapters 6 through 9.)