Welcome to Bala Cynwyd

Bala Cynwyd, PA is situated in the historic “Welsh Tract” of Pennsylvania and also is one of the largest residential districts on the Key Line. It was once two sepaprice towns, Bala and Cynwyd, but after decades of success working together, the two towns merged into the present version that is loved this day.

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Much of the town’s affluent history is kept in its beautiful stone mansions, some of which day back to the 1880s. Along through stunning architecture, Bala Cynywd boasts a bustling tvery own center filled with shops, restaurants, and also popular Philly Food Tours stops. And since it’s situated appropriate on the northwestern edge of Philadelphia, this seemingly tiny tvery own is actually rather cshed to big-city avenues. If you’re looking for a tvery own that has actually a tiny little of every little thing, we’d recommfinish founding your search ideal below in Bala Cynwyd.

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Getting Around

Downtown Philadelphia: 8 miles, around 15 minutesPhiladelphia Int’l Airport: 20 miles, about 25 minutesPublic transportation: Cynwyd Line at Bala and Cynwyd stations

Cynwyd Heritage Trail

Take a stroll along the Cynwyd Heritage Trail, a two-mile rail-to-trail course connecting Lower Merion Township through Manayunk. Alengthy the means, the trail crosses the Schuylkill River via the Manayunk Bridge.

Bala Cynwyd fourth of July

Celebprice small-town neighborhood at the Bala Cynwyd 4th of July celebration, organized by the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd. Enjoy a parade, lawn games, friendly competitions, and also more.

Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center

Located on the edge of Philadelphia alengthy Lincoln Highway, Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center is a bustling mixed-use district filled via both big-name and local retailers, restaurants, and also businesses.

What You"ll LOVE in Bala Cynwyd

Looking for even more to love in this beautiful Main Line community? Here are just a few reasons residents reap living in Bala Cynwyd.

Beautiful parks

The location surrounding Bala Cynwyd is house to a number of beautiful parks, trails, and also outdoor spaces. Here, you’ll find sporting activities courts and also fields, picnic locations, playgrounds, and even trails perfect for adventurous hikes.

Top-rated schools

Bala Cynwyd is offered by the prestigious Lower Merion School District, which is known for its excellent education and learning and also sporting activities outlets. The district has actually been named the #1 school district in Montgomery County and also #4 in the state. In addition to high traditional test scores, LMSC boasts a 97% graduation rate and 2 A+-rated high colleges. Students in Bala Cynwyd may attend Cynwyd Elementary, Bala Cynwyd Middle, and Lower Merion High.

Easy transportation

Transportation right into and out of Bala Cynwyd is a breeze via the quickly easily accessible Bala and Cynwyd train stations. Bala and Cynwyd stations are both situated on the Cynwyd Line, giving citizens a short 15 – 20 minute commute into the city.

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