Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, come the Game that Thrones variation of Keys to The V.I.P.

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Today we answer the question: exactly how is it that Podrick Payne is so good at satisfaction ladies?


While we might be sad it"s the last season, we"ve seen all sorts of cool stuff: evil eye zombies, dragons, magic, violence, every little thing a growing fan needs to loss in love with a show.


A many of people have bumped uglies during the show"s run, even if it is it it is in Cersei and also Jamie (ew), Jon Snow and Daenerys (a paring which we eventually found to be ew) and much more recently, Arya and Gendry (uh... Probably ew, however in a "we"ve watched this girl prosper up" kind of way).


That would be the character of Podrick Payne, the young squire the Tyrion Lannister and distant cousin the the much more famous Ser Ilyn Payne.

Who we"re sure is doing just fine.


He debuted throughout Season 2, where he would at some point go ~ above to conserve Tyrion"s life.

Since then, the has become one that the show"s many mysterious characters, and a an enig fan favorite.


And that would be: "how is the so great at lovemaking?"

No, we don"t acquire to see any kind of explicit sex scenes through the young squire throughout the series, however there is one step in details where that inquiry is very first asked.

They hire 3 prostitutes and send the young squire on his way.

Later, he returns v the bag of yellow in hand, saying the the females of the night delighted in the suffer so much they refuse payment.

Of course they are!

For those of us who psychic our first times, I would certainly be ready to gambling they more than likely wouldn"t shock anyone. And also if they were v escorts, there"s a an excellent chance they wouldn"t refuse payment.

In one exchange through Varys, she states that "it wasn"t around his size, it was around what he did" and goes on to say the while the three working girl he to be with room usually an extremely descriptive, this time they said the suffer was "hard to describe".

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Well, some might attribute it to his singing, i beg your pardon he confirmed off in the many recent episode of Game that Thrones.