If Gatsby represents one component of Fitzgerald’s personality, the flashy celebrity who pursued and glorified riches in order to impress the mrs he loved, climate Nick represents one more part: the quiet, reflective Midwesterner adrift in the lurid East. A young guy (he turns thirty throughout the course of the novel) indigenous Minnesota, Nick travels to new York in 1922 to find out the bond business. He resides in the West Egg ar of long Island, next door come Gatsby. Nick is likewise Daisy’s cousin, which allows him to observe and assist the resurgent love affair in between Daisy and also Gatsby. As a an outcome of his relationship to these two characters, Nick is the perfect selection to narrate the novel, which attributes as a personal memoir of his experiences with Gatsby in the summer of 1922.

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Nick is also well suited to narrating The good Gatsby due to the fact that of his temperament. As he speak the reader in chapter 1, that is tolerant, open-minded, quiet, and also a an excellent listener, and, as a result, others have tendency to speak to him and tell him your secrets. Gatsby, in particular, comes to trust him and treat him as a confidant. Nick typically assumes a secondary role throughout the novel, preferring to describe and comment on events rather than conquer the action. Often, however, he features as Fitzgerald’s voice, as in his extended meditation ~ above time and also the American dream at the finish of thing 9.

Insofar as Nick dram a function inside the narrative, he evidences a strongly blended reaction to life on the east Coast, one that creates a powerful internal conflict that that does not solve until the finish of the book. Top top the one hand, Nick is attracted to the fast-paced, fun-driven lifestyle of brand-new York. Top top the other hand, he find that lifestyle grotesque and also damaging. This inner dispute is symbolized transparent the publication by Nick’s romantic affair v Jordan Baker. That is attractive to she vivacity and her sophistication just as that is repelled by her dishonesty and her absence of consideration for various other people.

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Nick states that over there is a “quality that distortion” to life in brand-new York, and also this lifestyle makes him shed his equilibrium, especially early on in the novel, as once he it s okay drunk at Gatsby’s party in chapter 2. After witnessing the unraveling the Gatsby’s dream and presiding end the appalling spectacle the Gatsby’s funeral, Nick realizes the the fast life that revelry top top the East coastline is a cover because that the terrifying moral emptiness the the sink of ashes symbolizes. Having got the maturity that this insight demonstrates, he return to Minnesota in search of a quieter life structured by much more traditional moral values.


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