YouTube user Arekkz provides a handy farming course for players to follow in Tom Clancy"s The department who are looking to get the rarely crafting resource division tech.

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The department Dark Zone ideal Spot

YouTube user Arekkz gives a handy farming path for players to follow in Tom Clancy"s The Division who space looking to acquire the rare crafting resource department tech.

while The Division proceeds to rest sales documents after successfully launching last week, countless players room still comes to grips with the many items inside of the game and what they are qualified of doing. From the multitude the currencies favor Dark ar Funds, Phoenix Credits, and the common department Credits come an assortment the crafting materials like electronics or weapon tools, the material known as department tech stays somewhat of one enigma for many players, specifically those who have actually yet to get in the PvP permitted Dark Zone.

prior to getting come the where, it"s worth noting that division tech is a crafting source that enables players come create special deluxe gear from blueprints derived within the Dark Zone. The product comes in 3 rarity varieties either as uncommon, specialized, or high-end, yet the real reason why this product is so an effective is the players can convert it right into a variety of different varieties of Dark Zone permitted crafting materials like tools, cloth, or any other resource. Rather than dismantling gear, players can instead convert division tech to obtain whatever resources are needed.

for those who have reached the finish game in The Division and also are trying to find ways to get their hands on division tech, YouTuber Arekkz has created an additional handy Division video clip showing an reliable farming path through the Dark Zone. The run starts in DZ01 and also spans the whole length of the huge area till coming to an finish in DZ06. The last area is a level 30+ zone, for this reason those who have not reached the level cap must proceed with too much caution at the variety of wandering adversary factions strewn about. The route is designed to administer the finest bang for her buck in state of acquiring as much department tech as feasible in the shortest quantity of time.

it is worth noting the these division tech chests are shared between everyone in the zone, for this reason by opening them before someone else, they"ll be required to wait until it refreshes after ~ a brief cooldown. This might lead to a firefight because that players who are impatient or upset that they were beat come the chest as checked out in Arekkz"s video.

department tech isn"t the just prize come be discovered within the contaminated wall surfaces of the Dark zone however, as loot chests and special keys additionally hold tremendous value because that players looking come score sweet gear. To aid the Dark zone leveling process alongside the unlocking high finish gear quickly, a user top top Reddit put together a advantageous farming course within the first Dark region area known as DZ01. Players have to be all set for a fight as the route consists of a number of elite adversaries along the way, exterior of the truth that the prey will need to be extracted, which has tendency to always result in unpredictability.

have actually you found simple farming path within the Dark Zone? If so, feel cost-free to share your tips and tricks down in the comment below.

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Tom Clancy"s The Division is available now because that Xbox One, game stations 4, and PC.

Source: Arekkz Gaming


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