what go it average when you contact someone and it goes straight to the 3 beeps to typical cancelled? this phone call doesnt even ring, it just goes straight to the BEEP-BEEP-BEEP, its an iphone 4 and on IOS7 and also it was ringing eailier top top in the day when i spoke to this person. That wouldn"t typical i have been blocked would certainly it?

what does all this mean?



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Call relationships are usually a carrier issue. If you"re having actually trouble reaching anyone, start with her carrier. If it"s just one person you can"t reach, have them contact their carrier.

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also, if you have actually been blocked will imessages and texts go v to the human so they can read it?

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i got my friend to post this human being to check out if they had the exact same problem, and also the post went through and also i think he got a reply, and every one of a sudden this has actually started to work-related again (calls only) yet apparently none of my messages went with that i have sent because the block activated. And they quiet havent also though there working again, and also "apparently" a message was sent to me at 9pm today and also it has never arrived. Therefore imessage and also text still ~ no working, prior to i go asking this person around this, is this a genuine block or is there a phone problem?

Why don"t you simply ask the human if they have actually blocked you? Or, have actually someone who can contact them ask.

i have actually tried to contact the other person, facebook/twitter/email etc however no reply, and also i go speak to them critical night however they said they didnt but by the sounds of all this they did

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If you"re trying all of these means to contact them and they"re no replying, the sounds together if they don"t desire to connect with you. Maybe it"s time to relocate on.

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Question: Q: what walk it typical when you speak to someone and also it goes directly to the 3 beeps to typical cancelled an ext Less