Lucky charms has been among the many popular selections of breakfast cereals by children for decades. Breakfast just isn’t the exact same without those vibrant marshmallows do an appearance in your cereal bowl.

Even if you’re every grown up and haven’t viewed a bowl of happy Charms in year you probably still remember their famed leprechaun and his catchphrase “They’re magically delicious.”

That leprechaun may have actually joined you because that breakfast every morning throughout her childhood, but have you ever wondered what he eats?

Leprechauns might be small, but they are well-known for resulting in mischief. They’re going to need a nutritious meal so they have actually energy due to the fact that they space usually top top the hunt for gold.

A leprechaun’s diet consists of countless foods, greatly ones the are typical in Ireland.

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Do Leprechauns Eat happy Charms?

Let’s get the most obvious an option out the the way, happy Charms. This is a more contemporary choice because that Leprechauns, however they can’t deny that this cereal is magically delicious. There room rumors the the leprechauns have made a resolve General Mills cereal, for this reason they obtain quite a hefty discount ~ above the sweet stuff. It’s likely that you’ll always find this breakfast grain in a leprechaun’s pantry.

However, leprechauns eat their cereal much in different way than humans. As soon as a person doesn’t desire to eat dry cereal they will include some milk for extra nutrients. Leprechauns have no usage for milk, every it does is do them gassy. Instead, they are much more likely to soak their cereal in an irish whiskey.

They Drink prefer Sailors

Leprechauns love their alcohol. Castle drink so lot that it’s practically necessary in order for them come function. When most people top off their mugs v coffee to begin the day, a leprechaun will certainly fill a chilled mug through their favourite beer. Eco-friendly beer appears to do an illustration in pubs each year on St Patrick’s Day, this is a luxury to leprechauns.

Another beer lock love is Guinness. That thick dark brew constantly hits the spot, providing leprechauns the ideal amount that energy. Return they will drink just about any beer, green beer and also Guinness space their optimal choices.

Beer isn’t the only beverage these little guys enjoy. They additionally love a good Irish whiskey. Leprechauns love come experiment v mixing their own beverages, making their very own homemade drinks. You never understand what you’ll uncover in a leprechaun’s mug.

They’re Tea Drinkers Too

You may be under the impression the leprechauns run exclusively on liquor, but they perform enjoy a much more calming beverage from time to time. On chance they will make tea from several of their findings in the forest. Dandelion tea is among their favorites, and also easy to find. As soon as a leprechaun mixes too many different alcohol addict drinks, they can brew some tea to calm your stomach.

Although dandelion is your favorite thing to make tea from, they additionally like to make their own tea blends from wildflowers and other edible tree they uncover in the forest. Lock love come get speculative with your beverages and don’t psychic a tea through an earthy flavor. Opportunities are these guys have created an ext custom blends than your favorite tea shop.

They Eat Those flower Too

Leprechauns are often out and around scavenging for wildflowers. However, they don’t use these beautiful flowers to liven up your homes. They have actually no interest in the aesthetics or beautiful aroma of these flowers. Wildflowers are actually a favourite snack of leprechauns. They’re not simply for tea, these flowers are likely to do their way to a leprechaun’s plate together well.

They often pick a range of wildflowers to do a salad. When humans normally eat a salad that’s green, a leprechaun’s salad has countless different colors come it. This wildflowers save leprechauns healthy, help them live a long life. Since they eat a largely organic diet, leprechauns are likely to live because that over 300 years.

When they space out looking for wildflowers, leprechauns always keep an eye out for your favorite plant of all: the 4 leaf clover. This magical little plants constantly attract leprechauns. Some people believe that if you find a 4 leaf clover you can trap a leprechaun.

Leprechauns are Fun Guys

As you can tell, leprechauns source most of your food indigenous the forest. Lock make most of your meals out of edible items the they uncovered in the forest. Although flowers are a well-known choice, they choose to move it up v some fungi. Leprechauns additionally love munching ~ above mushrooms.

Sometimes they will usage mushrooms to make tea as well. Leprechauns love come eat the same foods items that they do tea from. Castle prefer foods that room multifunctional. This may be due to the fact that they go the end to gather your food, so it’s much less complicated for their little arms come bring back a few staple ingredients and also get an innovative with them.

Their irish Roots

Leprechauns are native to Ireland, so they enjoy foodstuffs that are in your ar sourced in their house land. There’s a soft spot in every leprechaun’s heart for a an excellent potato. Organic potatoes room vastly in supply throughout Ireland, so leprechauns never have actually trouble finding this delicacy.

While most human being enjoy their potatoes mashed or fried, leprechauns choose them raw. They will eat your spuds simply as castle are. No salt, butter, or gravy because that these guys either. Leprechauns choose to eat their food as organic as lock come.

They’re A small Bit Nutty

Leprechauns have the right to be a little nutty in ~ times. Similar to that old saying goes, you room what friend eat. Leprechauns love coming throughout nuts when they’re out looking for food. Due to the fact that they have actually a vegetarian diet, nuts space their main resource of protein. They mainly eat hazelnuts and also walnuts, due to the fact that they are easier to uncover in Ireland, however they enjoy a range when they acquire the chance.

If you ever before drop nuts in a forest, castle may get picked increase by a leprechaun!

Don’t provide Them Cream

Leprechauns and also fairies can’t have cream because it will certainly intoxicate them. Dairy renders them feel an extremely sick, so they will totally avoid it. This is why they to water whiskey top top their cereal instead of milk, and also it doesn’t look like that habit is most likely to adjust anytime soon.

Leprechauns additionally hate grains, choose rice. It’s no the taste that bothers them, or just how they react to eat grains. The factor they dislike grains is much more peculiar 보다 that. Leprechauns have powers, however they likewise have quirks the their strength can’t override. One of their quirks is the they have to count every separation, personal, instance grain that’s inserted in front of them.

The Most important Thing to Know about A Leprechaun’s Diet

Leprechauns space able come eat a selection of things, yet their diet is very similar to that of a vegan. Castle will always turn their nose at meat, eggs, and also dairy. However, a secure feeding of foods from the wild will save these little guys thriving. A leprechaun’s diet is as herbal as the gets, through the exemption of all that alcohol.

Their all natural diet is the main reason that leprechauns live as lengthy as lock do. They never ever eat processed foodstuffs or anything v high salt or fat contents. This is why lock are always in an excellent spirits and never acquire sick. Leprechauns normally don’t experience from any long-term illnesses.

Since they space such embarrassy creatures, they will normally go out scavenging for food as soon as there’s no map of a human in the forest. Most leprechauns live in Ireland in the forests, making houses in tree hollows and also caves. This method they have the right to stay hidden, yet still save an eye the end to make certain they don’t get captured by a human.

Leprechauns love the color green and also are an extremely attracted come it. Lock are most likely to head towards patches of greenery once out scavenging for their food for the day. Once they obtain to these areas, castle have far better luck detect fresh cultivation wildflowers to have for dinner.

Final Thoughts

Leprechauns space from the same household as fairies, which is why their diet is rather similar. Even though castle may start to consume liquor native the moment they wake up up, Leprechauns still have actually one of the healthiest diet of all supernatural creatures. They must stay healthy due to the fact that they are constantly on the hunt because that gold.

Many human being have always associated Leprechauns with Lucky charm cereal, and it seems prefer this sugary breakfast act is what leprechauns eat on their cheat days. While they greatly eat a herbal diet, lock can’t revolve down a key of those magically delicious marshmallows.

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One thing many civilization didn’t understand was the leprechauns room foodies. Lock love to experiment with their ingredient to create brand-new meals and also beverages. Tea is among their favorite points to get an imaginative with. Luckily the forests in Ireland administer them with a variety of various ingredients to work with.