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Program information and also cast

Garage gold is an American reality collection airing ~ above the DIY network since April 13, 2013. It is developed by record Route Productions, and also executive created by Alan LaGarde and Sumithrin David and is gift by Kraig Bantle. Season 6 of Garage gold premiered on September 8, 2016.

The real life collection follows Kraig Bantle"s Garage brothers family company in Raleigh, phibìc Carolina. Kraig"s team includes appraiser Mike Gleisinger, “Captain” Ron – heavy lifter and also mechanic, and also Tony –The Muscle. The business concept is come clean the end any space – garage, attic and also the like – per the client"s request complimentary of charge, as lengthy as any type of valuables have the right to be maintained by Kraig and also his crew. When the cleaning out is completed, they rotate the room into a usable one.

#NameAir Dates
1Bugging out Sep 8, 2016
2The Finer points in Life Sep 9, 2016
3Day Spa catastrophe Sep 21, 2016
4Best in show Sep 21, 2016
5Best of Both worlds Oct 20, 2016
6Military mayhem Oct 20, 2016
7Pop society Paradise Oct 20, 2016
8Rusty"s Cage Dec 12, 2016
9Toy Time Dec 12, 2016
10Underground Time an equipment Jan 4, 2017
11A little Bit of everything Jan 4, 2017
12A imperial Cleanout Jan 4, 2017
13The 4000-Mile trip Jan 4, 2017

#NameAir Dates
1Rockets and a Ferrari Jan 3, 2016
2Man-Child Makeover Jan 3, 2016
3Hats turn off to JFK Jan 10, 2016
4Just What the physician Ordered Jan 10, 2016
5Gold sirloin Jan 17, 2016
6Garage band Jan 17, 2016
7Spaghetti and a revolution Jan 24, 2016
8Bad Medicine and also the ceo Jan 24, 2016
9A Horrifying exploration Jan 31, 2016
10First Editions and Fireballs Jan 31, 2016
11Trillion Dollar mess Feb 14, 2016
12Hot chaos Feb 14, 2016
13Brewing a benefit Feb 21, 2016
14Championship Cleanout Feb 21, 2016

#NameAir Dates
1Texas Homerun Aug 30, 2015
2High Class and also Hi-Tech Sep 6, 2015
3Target Practice Sep 6, 2015
4Operation Cleanout Sep 13, 2015
5Little shed on the Prairie Sep 13, 2015
6Kicks, Picks and also Rock "n" Roll Sep 20, 2015
7Real heritage Rescue Sep 20, 2015
8Haul of call Sep 27, 2015
9Race for an are Sep 27, 2015
10Cleanout refer Oct 4, 2015
11Up Lifting review Oct 4, 2015

#NameAir Dates
1Too Cool because that School May 10, 2015
2Discoveries that the Century May 17, 2015
3Trailer Treasure May 24, 2015
4Knives and Knickknacks May 24, 2015
5Fitness Freak Out May 31, 2015
6Traveler"s Treasures May 31, 2015
7Living Legends and Fake Torsos Jun 7, 2015
8Cellar"s Market Jun 7, 2015
9Picker"s Payday Jun 14, 2015
10Mardi Garage Jun 14, 2015
11Movie Mania Jun 21, 2015
12Rocks and Roll Jun 21, 2015
13High Octane Jun 28, 2015

#NameAir Dates
1Equip through Weaponry: a Machete, a Pocketknife and also a Prom Dress Jul 13, 2014
2Tool Mayhem Jul 20, 2014
3Hockey and also Race Cars Jul 27, 2014
4An Old-school task a man Down Aug 3, 2014
5Throwbacks and Throwaways Aug 10, 2014
6Snow, Sports and also Bizarre Fluid Aug 17, 2014
7Basement Anatomy Aug 24, 2014
8Toying Around Aug 31, 2014
9Grand Slam Sep 7, 2014
10Garage that Steel Sep 14, 2014
11Hats, Hardware and Zombie Gear Sep 21, 2014
12Flea sector Fever Sep 28, 2014
13Radioactive DJ Disaster Oct 5, 2014

#NameAir Dates
1Hit salary Dirt Apr 6, 2013
2Down in the Dumps Apr 13, 2013
3The poor Side that a Barn Apr 20, 2013
4Disaster and also Dolls Apr 27, 2013
5Pinball Pains Apr 27, 2013
6Praying for Profit v Bible and Bells Jan 5, 2014
7Car Parts and also Pickpockets Jan 5, 2014
8Trophy Gold: A lost Treasure Uncovered Jan 12, 2014
9Spiders, Cake and Collectables: Sweet deal or Recipe for Disaster? Jan 12, 2014
10Geishas and Broken Drawers Jan 19, 2014
11First Flights: Cupid and Earhart Jan 19, 2014
12Proceed with Caution: Ammo and also Artwork Jan 26, 2014
13One Pad come the Next: Frogs and also a Two-Ton Discovery Jan 26, 2014

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I love this present too. I simply don"t understand WHY castle (DIY) cancelled it. It was a family show… Wvweyine might watch it.... Certain wish castle would carry it back...
I am really, really disappointed that Garage gold was no picked earlier up. And also that lock DIY won"t even display the reruns. Ns would prefer to it is in contacted if the happens. Will tape them all.. Love this show. The is something the totality family have the right to watch. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE carry it ago or in ~ least display all the reruns. Give thanks to you for anything you deserve to do. Linda
I"m a brand-new fan, however a huge fan from Alberta, Canada. Videotaped every show/every season the I might find. Kraig is simply the nicest, funniest and most socially responsible guy, and also the sidekicks are very knowledgeable. Now I look forward to morning and afternoon "coffee breaks" with Garage Gold. Expect this wonderful show is put in order over and also over again.
Please renew this healthy funny many information show. Anyone on the present is really knowledgeable good sense of humor. Miss Tony hope he is OK.
What occurred to Tony? ? Sad you broke up and also he"s no on the show anymore. It"s hard to loosened your side kick.

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I would certainly love to see this present come ago and I understand my family and also friends agree, we really took pleasure in watching a regime where a guy is fair.
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