Is there any type of differences in between following two sentences. I have actually seen both in assorted places and I can"t really find a difference between them.

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It in reality works.

It actually does work.

Does the latter an ext emphasis ~ above the result ? Is it grammatically exactly ? In my view however the last should it is in incorrect.



They technically average the exact same thing (and both are grammatically correct).

There is a difference, yet it is subtle. It"s much more clear in spoken, or in ~ least much easier if you include an emphasis where crucial (which I have actually done below).

It works.

Plain and also simple, the thing works; no ramifications here.

It actually works.

Think the it an ext as "You would think it wouldn"t work, yet it works." maybe other assets in the same category don"t work, and this dispels any kind of disbelief in the product"s capacity to work.

Alan: This applications does not work! Bob: It actually does work, yet you require the latest JVM installed.

Even more focus on the reality that you think it wouldn"t work, but it does.

And if you want to include even much more emphasis (but is on the brink of grammatically incorrect, and overuse the this might lead world to protect against taking you seriously):

It yes, really does in reality work.

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answer Mar 2 "14 at 20:39

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The an initial sentence is simply a normal sentence. The 2nd case is a use of to do together an assistant verb for emotive emphasis, in one affirmative sentence.

We do not generally use carry out or walk in affirmative sentences, Ali, butwe deserve to use them for emotive or contrastive focus when us feelstrongly around something:

She think he doesn"t love her, but he does love her. He really does!You do look at pretty in that new outfit! quite stunning! space you allright? girlfriend do look at a little pale.Do please sit down.I don"t see verymuch of mine old friends now, but I do still email them.Was the ajoke? i do think you"re teasing me!

So, the difference in between the sentences is the second sentence places emphasis on the verb to work.

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