When you room looking in ~ a football player scoring stats the very first column that shows up after ~ goals, assists and points is the +/- (plus/minus) symbol. What go this price mean and what does that indicate around the performance of the player ~ above the ice?

What go plus minus (+/-) median in hockey? The plus minus stat is offered to determine how regularly a player is ~ above the ice once a goal is scored for the team versus against the team. A positive plus minus method that the player has actually been ~ above for much more goals scored than against, if a an adverse number method they have actually been top top for an ext against.

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What is a an excellent plus minus?

So what is a good plus minus? ns think it is a pretty simple metric to recognize whether you space doing well or not. Be above zero and it is good, and if you are listed below zero the is bad.

Having a ‘+’ symbol next to the number instantly bring out warmth fuzzy feelings. Having actually a ‘-‘ symbol makes you want to crawl under a rock.

That is a tiny simplistic, however I have actually put with each other a list of the best plus minus football player from the 2018-19 season.

The worst by the means was Rasmus Ristolainen the the Buffalo Sabres. He was -41.

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League leaders because that 2018-19

Mark GiordanoCalgary39
Ryan McDonaghTampa Bay38
Brett PesceCarolina35
Michael BacklundCalgary34
Brian DumoulinPittsburgh31
Ron HainseyToronto30
Elias LindholmCalgary30
Teuvo TeravainenCarolina30
T.J. BrodieCalgary29
Nick BoninoNashville27

All-time finest plus minus for career

Larry Robinson722
Bobby Orr582
Ray Bourque527
Wayne Gretzky520
Bobby Clarke507
Serge Savard462
Denis Potvin456
Nicklas Lidstrom450
Bryan Trottier449
Brad McCrimmon448