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The Frame

This topic discusses in information what wake up to the data link frame as it moves with a network. The information appended come a framework is determined by the protocol being used.

The data link layer prepares the encapsulated data (usually an IPv4 or IPv6 packet) because that transport throughout the regional media through encapsulating it with a header and also a trailer to develop a frame.

The data attach protocol is responsible for NIC-to-NIC communications within the very same network. Although there are countless different data connect layer protocols that describe data link layer frames, each frame kind has three simple parts:


Unlike other encapsulation protocols, the data link layer appends information in the form of a trailer in ~ the end of the frame.

All data connect layer protocols encapsulate the data within the data ar of the frame. However, the structure of the frame and the fields consisted of in the header and also trailer vary according come the protocol.

There is no one framework structure the meets the needs of all data transportation across all species of media. Relying on the environment, the amount of control information required in the structure varies to enhance the accessibility control requirements of the media and also logical topology. Because that example, a WLAN frame must incorporate procedures for collision avoidance and therefore requires extr control information when contrasted to an Ethernet frame.

As displayed in the figure, in a delicate environment, an ext controls are required to ensure delivery. The header and also trailer areas are larger as more control details is needed.

instances of great 2 protocols

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