Knowing the adverb questions will assist you understand and also identify adverbs. 

Before we look at the questions, we have to make certain that girlfriend remember what adverb are! 

Quick Refresher

Adverbs modify (describe) verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Let"s look in ~ what the means.

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Adverbs modify verbs.

The infant crawled slowly.

Slowly is an adverb telling us much more about the verb crawled.

Adverbs modify adjectives.

Her confront is extremely red.

Extremely is an adverb informing us an ext about the adjective red.

Adverbs modify other adverbs.

The infant crawled really slowly.

Very is one adverb telling us an ext about the adverb slowly.

Adverbs normally answer one of the following questions around the verb, adjective, or adverb that they room modifying.


Teachers work very hard.

How do teachers workhard

               Hard is one adverb editing the verb work.

How hard do teachers work? very              Very is one adverb editing and enhancing the adverb hard.

Students study daily.

When do the students studydaily

               Daily is one adverb modifying the verb study.

  Partially completed assignments go here. 

Where do partly completed assignments gohere

                Here is an adverb modifying the verb go.

To what extent are the assignments completedpartially Partially is one adverb editing the adjective (participle) completed.

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This question is a little bit facility because it"s normally answered by unit volume or rule that room acting together adverbs quite than through one-word adverbs. 

Students study to obtain knowledge. 

Why carry out students study? to obtain knowledge

To gain knowledge is one adverb. It"s an infinitive phrase functioning together an adverb, and it"s editing the verb study. All that the words in that expression (to obtain knowledge) are coming together to carry out the task of one adverb. Isn"t the crazy?

Diagramming adverb helps friend see just how they modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. 

Adverbs walk on a slanted line under words that they room modifying.



Quickly is one adverb modifying ran. You can tell that it"s editing and enhancing ran because it"s diagrammed right under the word ran. Very is one adverb modifying quickly. Notice that it"s diagrammed under words it"s modifying. Isn"t the fun? :)