The key difference in between rational and also irrational numbers is, the rational number is to express in the form of p/q whereas it is not possible for irrational number (though both are real numbers). Learn the definitions, more differences and examples based upon them.

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Definition of Rational and also Irrational Numbers

Rational Numbers: The actual numbers which can be stood for in the kind of the ratio of two integers, to speak P/Q, where Q is no equal come zero are called rational numbers.

Irrational Numbers: The actual numbers which cannot be express in the type of the ratio of 2 integers are called irrational numbers.

What is the Difference in between Rational Numbers and Irrational Numbers?

S.NoRational NumbersIrrational Numbers
1Numbers that deserve to be expressed together a ratio of two number (p/q form) room termed together a reasonable number.Numbers the cannot be expressed together a ratio of two numbers are termed together an irrational number.
2Rational Number contains numbers, which are finite or space recurring in nature.These covers numbers, which room non-terminating and also non-repeating in nature.
3Rational Numbers consists of perfect squares such as 4, 9, 16, 25, and so onIrrational Numbers includes surds such together √2, √3, √5, √7 and so on.
4Both the numerator and also denominator are totality numbers, in which the denominator is not equal to zero.Irrational numbers can not be composed in fractional form.
5Example: 3/2 = 1.5, 3.6767Example: √5, √11

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We can represent rational numbers in the kind of proportion of two integers(positive or negative), whereby denominator is no equal to 0. Yet we can not express irrational number in the very same form.
The examples of rational numbers are 1/2, 3/4, 11/2, 0.45, 10, etc.The examples of irrational numbers room Pi (π) = 3.14159…., Euler’s Number (e) = (2.71828…), and √3, √2.

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If a number is terminating number or repeating decimal, then it is rational, for example, 1/2 = 0.5.If a number is non-terminating and also non-repeating decimal, then it is irrational, because that example, o.31545673…
2/3 = 0.66666…We have the right to see, ~ simplification, 2/3 is a repeating decimal. Hence, that is a rational number.



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