the company is expertise management (KM), which requires capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and also sharing information assets in a means that gives context for effective decisions and actions.a) Trueb) False

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$7.1 price per unit.

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Incremental cost are the price incurred as soon as settling for an different between two options.

In calculating incremental cost , variable expense are the relevant expense as fixed costs will always be occurs regardless of the options settled for

Variable expense of production

Direct material - $9.10

Direct labor - $13.10

Variable overhead - $2.10


Cost that buying from an external supply is $31.40

Incremental cost of to buy = $7.1

If Highway 55 Studios deserve to reduce fixed expenses by ​, by exactly how much can variable costs per unit increase and also still permit the co



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Breakeven sales is the amount sold in ~ which net income is same to zero.

Breakeven sales = fixed price / (price every unit - variable price per unit )

$1,215,000 / ($80 - $35) = 27,000

If Highway 55 Studios can reduce fixed prices by $60,750, variable price =

27,000 = ($1,215,000 - $60,750) / ($80 - V)

27,000 = 1,154,250 / ($80 - V)

V = $37.25

Variable price would boost by : $37.25 - $35 = 2.25


Which the the complying with is not one of the four simple strategies a agency can rental to address competitive forces?A) Strengthe

Compete ~ above employee lothedesigningfairy.comlty is not one of the four basic strategies a firm can employ to attend to competitive forces


There are various strategies that have the right to be complied with by a firm while that is managing the compete forces. These includes strengthening the intimacy of the customer and also the suppliers. It have the right to have a focused focus on the sector niche or segment the is targeted.

It have the right to opt for the differentiation in the commodities produced by it and also attracting customers v that product difference. That can likewise follow a low price leadership to gain customers. For this reason the strategy the is not consisted of by a agency in dealing with competitive pressures will be Competing top top employee lothedesigningfairy.comlty.

You"re an ext likely come be effective if you start with "harder" tactics and also move to "softer" tactics just if the harder strategies fa



As per the chapter of power and politics, every tactics worked out depends ~ above the audience ~ above which it is exercised, and how responsive the audience reacts to together tactics, yet it is said to use the softer methods as would certainly be simple to apply for the individual and also it might result favorable on audience.

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If such soft tactics fail then harder techniques shall it is in practice. Together this will certainly minimal the initiatives of individual and will influence highly ~ above the power to obtain goals.